The Sports Archives – Top 4 Hottest Women in London Olympics!

The Olympics isn’t just a place where people can showcase their talent, but their looks as well. The 2012 London Olympics is filled with beautiful athletes who are also very highly talented in their respective sports. What makes these beautiful female athletes hotter than your average girl is that they are in amazing shape because of their training. Not every girl is capable of being a part of the Olympics making them even hotter than they already are.

Top Hottest Olympic Women 2012

Antonija Misura

Antonija MisuraAntonija Misura is currently dominating at the Olympics Summer games this year. This tall and beautiful 24 year old Croation professional Basketball Player is a shooting guard who has been helping her team go on top. There is without a doubt that she will be all over the internet pretty soon for her outstandingly gorgeous physique. She stands 5’11 with great skills on the court, and was named the most gorgeous female competitor for this year’s Olympics. According to certain sources, she scored over 43 points in a total of 9 games, proving to everyone that she isn’t just beautiful, but is also a great athlete as well.

Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones has been getting a lot of media attention lately, because of her religious views on how she wants to wait to give up her virginity until after marriage. However, what really made her get on to this list is the fact that she is simply gorgeous. During the last Olympics, she was predicted to win, as she was the fastest of the group as a sprinter. She was leading by at least a full second, until she lost in the last hurdle. This cost her the gold, but that experience only made her want to improve. As for this year’s Olympics, she said that she will give it her all. This tall and beautiful girl will definitely make the United States proud at the Summer games this year.

Leryn Franco

Leryn Franco SteneriIt will be Leryn Francos’ second appearance at the Olympics, and will definitely be a stand out. This javelin thrower who will be representing Paraguay will most likely not be on the top of the list when it comes to skill with the sport, but she definitely is one of the hottest. Her ability is probably not better than her model physique, but that definitely doesn’t change the fact that she is one of the hottest athletes this year.

Natasha HastingsNatasha Hastings

Natasha Hastings, who is representing the United States as a sprinter, will also catch your attention. This tall and beautiful 26 year old has been extensively training for this year’s Olympics to hopefully snag the gold medal. She won the gold medal at the 2008 Olympics at the relay, and would definitely want to win another medal.

All of the beautiful and talented Olympians will definitely be the main attractions at the Olympics whether they win or lose.

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