The Sports Archives – Getting An Autograph From A Superstar Like Jose Bautista!

Jose BautistaGetting an autograph is always an amazing experience. A signature on a baseball card, bat or other piece of memorabilia makes it special. If you are looking to get an autograph, how would you go about doing so? There are many options available to you if you really want that signature.

Stand Near The Playing Field Before Or After A Game

Getting an autograph is usually easier if you are able to get near the player. Many players will give out autographs before and after games. There may even be specific areas where select players will sign autographs outside of the stadium before a game. However, it is rare that you would get a Jose Bautista autograph at an autograph session before the game. If you can’t be at the stadium, you may be able to snag an autograph at a charity dinner or if you happen to see the player out in public.

Send Fan Mail To The Player

A direct request for an autograph may work out well depending on who the player is. Keep in mind that you need to come across as a genuine fan of the player. Players know when people are seeking out autographs just to sell them on the Internet. Make sure that you are sending something that can be autographed to ensure that you get something signed. Not all players are willing to send you something on their own. Including an envelope with your address and a stamp on it is also a nice nudge for the player to write back.

Send A Message Using Social Media

Getting a Jose Bautista autograph could be as easy as sending him a message through social media. Players love hearing messages from their fans as they go from stadium to stadium. It is usually seen as a nice gesture to offer autographs and other incentives to become a follower of a particular player. Superstar players tend to have large followings by default. Offering to send an autograph or tickets to a game to anyone who sends an athlete a tweet makes fans feel important.

Use Your Social Connections

You may know someone who knows someone who knows an athlete. Perhaps you have a family member who works at an airport that the team or player frequently uses. That connection can be enough to get an autograph from your favorite player. The key here is to be patient as the process plays out. No one likes to be hounded for things. Your friend or relative could potentially put their job in jeopardy by asking for an autograph. However, most athletes don’t mind signing things every so often.

Autographs from famous athletes are fun to collect. The trick is to be patient, respect their personal space and use tact when you request the signature. If you can do that, you should have no problem getting at least one autograph from your favorite player. The autograph will be something that you can display for the rest of your life.

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