The Sports Archives – Five of the Most Popular Marathons in the World

Popularity in marathons derives itself from several different factors.  First, there is the size and toughness of the crowd of participants.  Sheer numbers alone do not make the marathon popular but the respect it earns.  The most popular marathons in the world also have a reputation for tremendous crowd support and unique sights along the way.  The following list explains more about the five most popular marathons in the world that a runner can race in.

New York Marathon

The New York Marathon is truly an experience, and often tops the lists of the best marathon runs that are out there.  The field of competitors is overwhelming and can even be star-studded, too.  Huge crowds gather to support the runners, standing over five deep on the marathon sides.  The crowd is made of many international runners who come to the streets of New York City to prove that they are the best runner in the world.  It has been said that this race has inspired many of the larger marathon races around the world, and seeing the event once can tell you just why this is the case.

Boston Marathon

Rosie Ruiz

Rosie Ruiz faked winning Boston Marathon – full story…

It may not have the field size of the New York Marathon, but the Boston Marathon has history on its side.  It is the location of the oldest known marathon in the world.  It is a runner’s dream to enter into this marathon and gaining acceptance is a badge of honor.  This is because the standards to enter and register for the event are extremely stringent.  This exclusive nature makes it a goal of many runners and creates a field of participants that are among the top runners in the world. It is for this reason that the Boston Marathon is one of the top five marathons in the world.

London Marathon

The London Marathon is one of the most popular and well-respected marathons in the world.  Many runners, internationally, place this marathon at the top of their must do or favorite marathons to complete.  The event takes place every April and involves an extremely large field of participants.  The marathon is touted as one of the most elite races, partially because of the organizational prowess of the event staff and partially because of the course itself.  The London Marathon began in 1981, and involves a running path that is both visually stunning and challenging.  Beginning in South-Eastern London and ending in St. James’s Park, the sights and sounds of London will be seen by all runners on the course.  There are hills that make it challenging and narrow areas that make it difficult, but the beauty of running past the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace can be a truly invigorating path.  For this reason, and many more, it is a top race for any marathon runner.

Berlin Marathon

The crowds around the celebration of the Berlin Marathon are one of the highlights of this race.  The course is tough and interesting.  Runners will pass all different types of building in varying architectural patterns as they traverse the streets of Berlin.  It has been said that you can see the history of Germany as you pass these grand buildings and this may not be an overstatement.  It truly is a must for any history buff runner that is out there.

Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon is another great American marathon that is ever-growing in respect and prowess.  Most recently it has become a contender for the awards of both biggest and best race in the country, and arguably the world.  It is a fast paced course that has been carefully developed by race organizers and event creators.  It is a one-loop running course that features the quintessential Chicago elements.  High-rise buildings that reach into the skies and highly diverse neighborhoods are all part of the course plan and it is for this reason that so many runners and tourists alike come out to be part of the event.

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