The Sports Archives – Cars that England’s Football Stars Drive!

Are you following the European Football Championship?  One of the most controversial teams in the line-up is England. They often attract attention for their flashy lifestyle and also for their entourage – the bolshie fans that follow them around the world. Another thing that the England squad is popular for is the expensive cars they’re driving. Their weekly wage is more than what an average worker will earn in 5 years but you cannot say they’re spending their money wisely – at least some of them are known to have a bad taste when it comes to buying bling and cars.

As you can see from this infographic, the garages of these football stars are very predictable. You can hardly call a Range Rover Sport or a mainstream Mercedes a creative approach in choosing a car.  Nevertheless, to prevent some people going green with envy, we included an interesting factoid showing how meager a footballer’s income is in comparison with people who are making proper money!

This infographic was provided by Creditplus.

Cars that England's Football Stars Drive

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