The Sports Archives – What to Consider When Choosing a Racehorse Trainer

Horse TrainingBuying a racehorse is a long-term investment. To get the best out of your horse it is essential to choose the right trainer for both you and the horse. With a plethora of trainers to choose from, how can you make sure your horse is in the best possible hands? Here are some quick tips:


The first thing to consider when choosing a racehorse trainer is their previous track record. Have they trained a number of winning horses or do they have limited success? You want your horse to be the best, so it needs to be trained by the best.
A successful racehorse trainer will have consistent results – it is not necessarily about the winning. If the trainer you choose has varying successes they may not be right for your horse. Don’t be afraid to ask potential trainers how well horses have run recently.


In order to get the best out of a horse, the trainer you choose needs to have the appropriate facilities. Horses will perform best when they have a mixture of both indoors and outdoors training. The best trainers will have extensive gallops, as well as indoor walkers and training schools.
Many trainers will have an online archive of all of their training facilities for you to peruse. But make sure you ask to see each area when you visit. It is also important to check what rehabilitation facilities are available. Equine solariums and therapy bays are great ways to improve the performance of your horse.


It is important that you have a great personal relationship with your trainer. A good trainer will update you regularly on your horse’s progress and keep you up-to-date with race fixtures and results.
You want a trainer that shares your passion for your horse and racing so it is important that you feel your horse is in the best possible hands. Even larger training schools should be taking the time to keep in touch with owners. Inquire about how much contact you will have and how regular it will be.


The location of your racehorse trainer is also a key factor. If your horse is racing in a particular area, try to choose a training facility that is close by. It is not good for the horse to travel up and down the motorway regularly. You could also find yourself missing out on many races due to the constant traveling.
Many horses will only race in one area, and if they have already been competing a long distance move is not always the best option. Find out what courses your trainer uses, and research trainers in your local areas.


With many people tightening their purse strings it may seem tempting to choose the training facilities with the smallest price tag. However, small fees often mean quite basic facilities. When considering something as important as the trainer for your horse, it will be more beneficial to spend a bit more money.
High quality training facilities will boast the best facilities and locations for you horse. If you’re looking to produce a winner, it is a good idea to consider a sufficient investment. As with anything, it is advisable to shop around and do your research before committing to anything.

Jonjo O’Neill is one of the UK’s most successful racehorse trainers. He has an array of expert racehorse training facilities for training winning horses.

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