The Sports Archives – Is The London Olympic Stadium Effectively Built For One Million Visitors?

Going For Gold

It is a matter of great pride for any country and more so for the particular city to host the Olympics. Winning the bid to host the 2012 Olympics was indeed a great moment for the United Kingdom as this made London the first city to host this great sporting event three times. Various aspects of the Games have polarized opinion across the country for various reasons, including cost as well as current and future sustainability of the site.

Forward Planning

Extensive planning and massive construction activities gained momentum soon after the result of the bidding was announced in July 2005. Around the time of the bid award, it was widely accepted that London was not yet equipped from an infrastructural perspective to effectively host such a large scale event. Within the bid however were highly ambitious plans involving innovative architecture which would deliver a massive “wow factor” to the 2012 Games.

The London Olympic stadium is the centerpiece of the Olympic Park complex which has been built in Stratford, East London. Innovations in architecture, such as texlon and ETFE foil, have played a large part in taking the stadium from vision to reality. It is estimated that during the three weeks in which the Olympic Games are held, there will be up to one million visitors to the stadium. This is a colossal number of people in such a short time frame and has raised strong questions, even now with the Games in such close proximity, as to whether the site is equipped to deal with so many visitors.

The stadium has been built with sustainability in mind, using various environmentally friendly products and compounds, such as the revolutionary ETFE foil, to build a mind blowing building fit for purpose, both during the Games and in future years.

Will It Work?

It is without question that the expected number of visitors was a key consideration in terms of the build and design of the stadium and indeed the entire Olympic Park, which has been demonstrated in the urgency seen in upgrading transport links as well as local amenities throughout the London borough of Stratford.

While questions will remain over the coming years over the long term legacy of London’s Olympic Stadium, there can be little doubt still held in anyone’s mind that the building is and will be effective in delivering a safe and breathtaking experience to all of its expected visitors this summer.

Vector Foiltec is one of the leading design and construction companies in the world, and are renowned for inventing the Texlon and ETFE.

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