The Sports Archives – Why Playing Table Tennis is One of the Best Things You Can Do!

If you watch professionals play table tennis, otherwise known as “Ping Pong”, you will see athletes running, jumping, sweating as they swing at what seems like an invisible object. This is because they are chasing a little white ball moving at almost 70 miles per hour! They are able to do this because table tennis has taught them to respond at rates which border on premonition, something that is truly amazing. This superhuman ability is just one of the many potential benefits of playing this under-appreciated sport.

Table Tennis

Better than Juggling for Hand Eye Coordination

If you meet with an expert, many will rightly recommend juggling for improving hand and eye coordination. While juggling is great for developing a person’s ability to coordinate movements, table tennis is even better. Table tennis is superior because when you juggle you are dealing with a closed system, a repeating pattern. When you play table tennis you are essentially juggling against an opponent, who is doing everything they can to make you fail. This challenging sport can sharpen your senses.

Better than Chess for Developing Mental Acuity

Table Tennis has been called “Chess at Light Speed.” Like Chess, table tennis is a psychological game, where it can be won and lost based on clear thinking. To add tension and improve mental quickness, traditional chess players use a special clock, but no matter how fast a chess player teaches his or herself how to think and move, they will never hit the speeds of a typical table tennis game. If you want to become quick, you should learn how to play table tennis.

Better than Poker for Getting to Know People

Like poker, pool, darts and bowling, table tennis is a great getting-to-know-you game. A leisurely game is a great companion to a conversation, and a fast-paced game is even better. In addition to being much more fun to watch than cards, it is a game that calls for people to connect with one another.

Better than Cross Word Puzzles for the Brain

Ping Pong tables have been fixtures in community centers and rest homes for decades. They are popular because it is an activity that utilizes and unites several areas of the brain, playing table tennis is a great exercise for the mind.

Better Exercise than You’d Think

Table tennis was meant to be played aggressively as with regular tennis, with lots of movement and fully engaged bodies. It’s an aerobic exercise. A robust game between two competitive people will leave both tired, sweaty and out of breath.


Table tennis is a much more dynamic game than most of us give it credit for being. It is more than an activity, it is a sport and wonderful tool for sharpening skills and keeping fit, and it has produced some of the sharpest and fastest athletes in the world. No wonder it has been an officially recognized Olympic sport for over a decade.

Written by Frederic, freelance writer, mac fix specialist and online marketing consultant

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