The Sports Archives – Growing Popularity of American Football in Europe

American football is no longer just a popular sport in America. With recent NFL games being held in London, the NFL is experiencing a rapid increase in interest in Europe. In fact, the NFL Europe was a very widely watched American football league for many years. Many people were sad to see it close down in 2007. It seems, however, that American football has begun to grow even more in popularity in the years following the demise of NFL Europe. This is because Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, has made a conscious effort to raise the level of interest and passion for American football in Europe.

One of Goodell’s most important jobs as the commissioner of the NFL is to make sure the league grows as much as it can. There are always supposed to be new fans following the NFL, and he has done quite a good job of that. Several NFL games have taken place in London over the past few years, and more are likely to take place in the future. The NFL has been so well-received in London that Goodell has tossed around the idea of having the Super Bowl in London in the future. That is quite an idea, and it may come to fruition sooner than later.

As long as the people in Europe have the ability to see American football on TV, they will have an interest in it. NFL games in London have sparked the local economy, and people all throughout Europe are buying more NFL merchandise than ever before. The growing NFL fan base in Europe has prompted more merchandise shops and cable television providers to raise their offerings for consumers. Television companies are giving the Europeans more access to NFL football games on television, and the ratings for NFL games in Europe continue to break records.

Each and every time the NFL has played a game in London, the ticket sales have increased dramatically. More and more Europeans are coming out to the stadiums to see the amazing American football action. There is so much growing interest in the NFL in London that Goodell has also made public the idea of an NFL team based in London. There are sure to be discount tickets available for fans to buy in order to get this new team off the ground. The NFL is seriously considering adding this team in London and perhaps playing one of the Super Bowls there.

As the fan base for American football continues to grow in Europe, the NFL will become more diverse with players abroad, too. The NFL gaining popularity in Europe could and likely will open the doors for more international competition in the NFL. American football has the marketing power, the personalities and the influence to continue to grow into one of the world’s most popular sports. It is quite possible that one day, American football will become even more popular worldwide than soccer. That day could be coming sooner rather than later if American football continues to grow in popularity so rapidly in Europe.

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