The Sports Archives – Different Golf Trophies and Your Options

Golf tournaments are held all over the world, and many of them feature wonderful prizes including marvelous trophies and cash rewards. If you are hosting a golf tournament in your community, you have a number of options when it comes to finding an appropriate trophy for your tournament. You can choose small trophies and medals for the people who do well, but who do not come in first. You can also choose a large trophy or cup for the winner. The type of trophy that you choose for you golf tournament will depend on the kind of tournament that you are holding.

A Kid’s Tournament

For a tournament that is designed for children, you will probably want to recognize all of the participants. This is especially important if you are hosting a tournament for younger children. Some options to recognize the kid’s participation include rosettes or medals. These can often be personalized to add the name and date of the event. For children, you can use small, fun trophies, and you can find trophies that are specifically designed with golf in mind. These trophies feature golf balls, golf tees, and golf clubs. Some of these trophies even feature golfers, and you can purchase trophies will male or female golfers. Simple trophies are often best for children’s events. They are often the least expensive option, and they great if you want to buy them for the first, second, and third place winners.

An Amateur Tournament

An amateur golf tournament is designed for men, women and children who have some experience with golf but who are not professional golfers. For a tournament like this, you will want slightly nicer trophies, and you will not have to worry about giving out medals to recognize the people who participated in the tournament. You can either have one trophy for the winner or three trophies for the top three golfers. You should consider using presentation cups for these awards because they look nice, and they are elegant awards that anyone would be proud to receive. These cups vary in terms of price, and the price is largely dependent on the material and the level of detail that the cup has. Silver plate, gold plate, and pewter are common materials for standard presentation cups. You can also find cups that are related to golf. Some of these cups are double handled and some of them feature a golfer on top. Other cups have one handle, and they are often referred to as jugs.

A Professional Tournament

If you are hosting a professional golf tournament, you will definitely want to choose a presentation cup as the reward for the winner of the tournament. The most famous professional golf tournaments in the world use cups and jugs as their trophies. The Claret Jug, for example, is awarded to the winner of the Open Championship. These cups are quite affordable, and you can find great golf trophies for £200 or less. Though the trophy is a detail when it comes to planning a golf tournament, it is a very important one.

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  3. Whether it is a kid’s tournament or a professional competition, putting a beautiful trophy as the reward is what drives the players. When you give the participants something valuable and alluring to fight for, the whole contents gets very interesting.

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