The Sports Archives Greatest Moments – Cleveland Browns “The Fumble”

One year after “The Drive“, another memorable event occurred between the same Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos. Once again, it was the AFC Divisional Championship Game played on January 17, 1988 in Denver.

This time, it was Cleveland driving in the late stages of the game looking for the score and the tie. Down 38-31 with 4 minutes left, they drove to the Bronco’s 8 yard line. Cleveland running back Earnest Byner was having a heroic game, however, his luck changed when Bronco defensive back Jeremiah Castille stripped the ball from Byner on Cleveland’s next play. Denver recovered the fumble on their 2 yard, which ironically is where they started their ‘Drive’ a year earlier. Byner was devastated to say the least. Denver gave the Browns an intentional safety and held on to win 38-33.

The play became known in the sports archives history as the “The Fumble“.

See it here.

The Fumble

Earnest Byner after "The Fumble".

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