The Sports Archives Greatest Rivalries – Tennis Siblings

Who can write a sports archives blog about sibling rivalry in tennis without mentioning Serena and Venus Williams? The Williams sisters have pushed their own limits as well as each others buttons for the longest time, both growing up and in tournament play.

It seems Serena has been the underdog to her big sister Venus in the early years losing to her in a junior tournament at 9 years old and then having lost 5 of their first 6 professional matches. However, the turnabout happened in 2002 and Serena beat Venus in the French Open, at Wimbledon and the US Open. Serena ranked #1 and Venus ranked #2 in late 2002. That must have been some Thanksgiving at the Williams house!

We go back to 1884 when another pair of sisters, Lillian and Maud Watson battled each other in the first Wimbledon women’s final. Maud felled her sister in three sets. William Renshaw took bragging rights in his family having beat his brother Ernest in the Wimbledon finals of 1882, 1883 and 1889.

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