The Sports Archives – Venus Williams Wins In Style

What caught fans eyes yesterday at the Australian Open was not that it was Venus Williams who was playing nor the fact that she won 6-3, 6-2, but rather the fact that so much of her talent was revealed.  Not of course by just the fact that she won when she was up against Sara Errani but rather based on the fact that her tennis outfit was even more revealing than ever.  In fact, she has come to be known for sporting such revealing outfits such as when she wore her extremely flashy dress at the New York 2010 US Open or when she wore her can-can dress last year at this same Australian Open.

But perhaps Ms. Williams believes she is entitled to wear such eye-catching outfits since she knows that she is ranked as the World No. 5 in Singles and the World No. 5 in doubles.  Clearly, despite her taste in clothes she is still known as one of the world’s top women tennis players and she clearly played up to her reputation at the Open yesterday.  In addition to this, Ms. Williams has also won three Olympic Gold Medals, one for women’s singles and two Gold Medals for women’s doubles.  She has even more brag rights, having earned more Olympic Gold Medals than any other female tennis player.

O.K. Venus.  I guess you have earned the right to strut your stuff.  Revealing outfit or not, she clearly kept true to her image at the Australian Open yesterday and showed what a truly amazing women tennis player she is.

More of Venus Williams here.

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