The Sports Archives – Great moments at the Australian Open!

Sporting memorabilia merchants such as HTFM exist for a reason. The greatest moments in sporting history are etched into the memories of sporting fanatics the world over, and what better way to relive the glory than through an item from or commemorating that very moment?

We’re all familiar with slow montages of sporting triumphs, failures, moments of humour and pathos. And with the Australian Open a matter of weeks away, it’s a good time to reflect on some of the more memorable moments in our tennis history.

Jim Courier is so frequent a visitor to our shores come Summer, he’s practically an honorary Australian. In fact, I’ll be damned if one or another of our beaming, mildly ridiculous Lord Mayors hasn’t already presented him with a key, Akubra, or stuffed kangaroo, and assured him that here in Melbourne, ‘we think of you as one of our own!’. Now a mainstay of the commentary box, Courier took out two Australian Open titles in the 90’s. The most memorable of these happened when Courier managed to overcome searing heat to take out everyone’s favourite shy Swede (mine, anyway) in 1993. He proved his mettle as a True Aussie Bloke (of sorts) when he plunged into that murky, toxic, brown puddle we call the Yarra to cool off, post victory.

Williams SistersAlso no strangers to Melbourne soil, the Williams sisters have provided many a memorable moment throughout all the Australian Open’s that they have competed in. The spectacle that we all craved – sister vs sister!- eventuated in 2003, when the much-anticipated final being contested between Venus and Serena was forced indoors because of unmanageable heat. I can’t remember my own name when it’s 44 degrees. Serena and Venus fought for the championship in it. And that’s why we all love elite sport. Because, by God, we would not be seen doing anything more taxing than licking a Frosty fruit in those conditions.

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