Evan Longoria unhappy about empty seats in Tampa.

Evan Longoria couldn’t hold back any longer about the dismal attendance in Tampa for the contending first place Tampa Bay Rays in Major League’s Baseball AL East.

Can you blame him? The team is contention with the financially top-heavy NY Yankees and they are getting crowds of 20,000 to 25,000!  In response to the criticism, the Rays are giving 20,000 free tickets to this Wednesday’s night game against the Baltimore Orioles. This must be a first in MLB history for a club to give away tickets for a pennant race contender during the final games of the season!

Tampa, wake up and support your team!…You’ll be the first to cry when they have to leave the state or reduce their young talented line-up due to lack of funds.

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1 Response to Evan Longoria unhappy about empty seats in Tampa.

  1. Ron Robbins says:

    I agree with Evan Longoria.
    I am a season ticket holder, and it is very sad to see such small crowds for very important games. Recently they could not even fill the stadium for pennant contending games against the NY Yankees.

    This might suggest that Tampa does not deserve a major league baseball team. If a city cannot support a pennant contending baseball team, then maybe the team should move to a different city that appreciates baseball.

    Can you imagine Yankee Stadium, or Fenway Park being half empty for pennant contending games? I can’t and that is the reason that New York and Boston , NOT TAMPA, are major league Baseball Cities.



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