The Sports Archives – Choosing Your Sport: Which Will Tick Your Boxes?

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Some of us love sports and are heavily involved in sports from childhood. But others amongst us do come to sports at a later age. If you’re considering getting into sports, you may be struggling to figure out which sport is for you. While some of us have a natural inclination to specific sports, many of us will have to go through a process of trial and error until we find something that fits us well and ticks all of our boxes. Here are some areas of focus that can help you to determine which sport will best suit you!

Spectator Sport vs. Active Sport

First, you need to decide whether you’re choosing a sport to watch or a sport to play. If you’re choosing a sport to watch, the world is your oyster. You can pick any game and get fully involved in it, watching on TV, keeping up on the radio, attending games and matches and more. If you’re looking to play a sport, however, you may need to be more realistic and personalised with your options. While anyone can play any sport, you may want to consider which you are likely to excel in based on your personal character and physical traits. If you’re better suited to non contact, you’re not likely to choose football. If you hate running, baseball might not be for you.

Merch and Collectibles

Pretty much every sport comes hand in hand with a bunch of merch. If you enjoy collecting merch, you’ll likely found something to enjoy with any sport. However, some sports do tend to have more valuable and harder to find collectibles than others. For example, some sports have specialist collector cards that you can get into. ​​Kevin Burge Sports Cards can highlight an impressive collection. Baseball tends to be the sport with the most extensive range and most costly collection of cards out there. The current record for the most expensive sports card, for example, is the 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card which sold for a huge US$12.6 million.


You may find it easier to get involved in a sport that is more easily accessible in your local area. Sure, many people travel miles on a regular basis to attend games and events, but life is a lot easier if you choose something that you are already near to. Take a look at local stadiums or sports centres in your area and see what kind of games and matches they host. Take a look at game times and league schedules to find something that works well with your schedule. Of course, you can always catch up on most games online or through streaming platforms, but being able to watch a game at the same time as everyone else and not falling prey to spoilers can make the entire thing more exciting.

These are just a few areas of focus to start out with, but hopefully, each will guide you on your journey towards choosing the right sport to tick all of your boxes!

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