The Sports Archives – How Golf Makes You Better at More Physical Sports

Royal County Down Golf Club in Newcastle, Northern Ireland

Royal County Down Golf Club in Newcastle, Northern Ireland

Golf is a sport that is commonly thought of as a slow-moving. While there isn’t as much physical activity as other sports out there, golf teaches an abundance of helpful skills. Many of these skills actually work to assist players in becoming better athletes at more physically-demanding sports.

Creates Commitment

In this day and age, there’s a lack of commitment from many as people want instant success. Golf is a game of endurance. Most will play all 18 holes, which can take hours to complete. Creating the commitment to stick with the match until the very end to beat out the others is something that you’ll have to develop. Over time, you’ll notice that your competitive stamina increases as you start to master the concept of long-term commitment.

Assist in Keeping in Shape

While you may hit the gym a few times a week to stay in shape, the golf course is another option to add to your tool bag. Golfing requires physical motion during swinging and just walking around on the course. Spending a few days a week on the green in your funny golf polo shirts will not only allow you to reduce some stress but it will also give you some good walking time, particularly if you opt out of using a golf cart.

Enhanced Coordination

Being able to swing your club to hit the ball at the right spot is a necessity in mastering your swing. Hitting the ball just a few millimeters in the wrong spot can make a huge difference in where the ball ends up landing on the green. When you play golf, you work on enhancing the coordination of your swing. Your mind and body must link up your swing with where you want to hit the ball. This coordination carries over to other more physically-demanding sports like football and baseball.

Better Endurance

If you opt for walking the course instead of using a golf cart to get around, you can enjoy building up endurance. The more times you hit the green each week, the more endurance your body is going to gain. If you really want to get your heart conditioned, opt for carrying around your clubs instead of having them toted around on a golf cart or by a caddy.

When it comes to golf, it’s more physically-demanding than most people think. By just changing up a few things like the way you get around on the course and how you transport your clubs can do wonders for your physical fitness. Plus, the other skills that you learn on the green can go a long way in enhancing your performance in other physical sports.

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