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There are a lot of hobbies that people enjoy, and some of them keep you active. Sporting hobbies are more varied than people think. With things like coaching kids teams, fantasy baseball or football and even just watching it. There is a big push for people to get involved in sports in different ways now. And, with the help of the internet, you can find anything from stats on Parker Sniatynski, to your local frisbee club. 

Sports are so great because they encourage us to move more, and be social too. It’s hard to win a soccer game alone. It also promotes healthy competition too, meaning we push ourselves to do better, and be better. So, here are a few sports that you might consider trying out. 


Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash


Relatively easy to pick up, but can be tricky to master. Moving from skates to blades takes a lot of skills. But, there is much required from regular skates. Check out roller derbys! Once you have built your core up enough to balance for the duration, you can then begin to work on your speed. In many places in the USA skating is one of the most enjoyable ways to get around too. You’ll often see skaters by the beach. Once you have build up your stamina, you might consider joining a team or a group of hobby skaters. 


The great outdoors provides one of the most enjoyable backdrops a hobby can have. Hiking is a fantastic way to build your stamina and to soak up some great views. It makes sense to invest in some sturdy and supportive footwear too. You can extend this out into camping, and practice your tent pitching skills too. Some people don’t consider hiking a sport but if you consider the stamina and strength required for many hikes it would be difficult to find it otherwise. 


Has been popular for years in many circles, Jujimufu, for example, was running up the side of buildings before he was building those muscles. But it isn’t for the faint of heart. This takes a lot of courage, core strength, and athleticism. Using the force from a run-up, to spring across wide gaps, run along walls, and perform numerous backflips is pretty intense stuff. There are a lot of groups, and in many trampoline parks, there are dedicated spaces. 


Water polo, competitive swimming, or even just a leisurely weekend swim. They are all great ways to gently work your muscles. The resistance of the water as you swim provides a pretty great workout too. You don’t need much to get started either, a swimming costume and some google will see you right. 

When it comes to sports, there is more to it than soccer or basketball. If you are taking part in any of these things, you might like to head online and find your local groups – so that you can create that team experience. Sport is good for your body, your mind, and your social life. 


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