The Sports Archives – 5 Ways to Get Prepared for Golf Season

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and warm weather is here. Spring is a great season, but the real season we’ve been waiting for is golf season. Warmer weather means it’s time to get out and golf! Here are five tips to help you get the golf season started out on the right foot. If Tiger can make a comeback, you can too!

1. Cardio

It’s been a while since you’ve golfed. If golf is your main source of exercise, you’re more likely than a little out of shape. Before you start trying to go 18 holes, it’s important that you do what you can. Cardio workouts are a great way to work on your stamina. One easy way to start out is by going on a 20 to 30-minute walk 3 times a week.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can get outside and go for a run and/or hike. Join a workout class at the gym, become familiar with the cardio equipment or attend a cycling class to get in shape. Just remember to take it slow at first, an injury is the last thing your golf season needs.

One of the best parts of golf from a health standpoint is the cardiovascular benefits. With hill-filled course of 18 holes, it’s no wonder why golf can be considered a cardio exercise for many. While golf carts can minimize the amount of time walking, keeping up with cardio exercise of the course is still a great way to increase your endurance on those long rounds of golf.

2. Practice

Don’t worry if your golf skills are a little rusty at the beginning of the season. A several-month hiatus can wreak havoc on your putting and driving game. Practice is the simple recipe for catching up on your golf game. In fact, there are a few things you can do to prepare. First, practice putting. You can do this with a DIY setup at the office or at home. Setup some small objects to putt around and work on your touch.

Second, become very familiar with your local driving range. If the weather doesn’t permit this, there could be an indoor driving range or golf simulator to practice on nearby. It’s important to get that muscle memory back and to get in shape. Trying to go straight out on the course without practice could mean a lot more than some sore muscles!

There are a few drills to practice when using a simulator that can particularly helpful. First, fixing the dreaded hook. In order to get rid of that hook once and for all is by practicing at a slower speed. Butch Harmon told Golf Digest that every player should “practice swinging your arms a little slower and turning your body more aggressively to the finish. Make sure you transfer your weight to your front foot coming down and turn your lower body to face the target. Get your hips turning all the way through, and you’ll stop the face from snapping closed on the ball.”

Another drill to consider is changing your focus. Rather than aim for targets that are far away, begin with closer ones. This helps you zero in on your target more clearly and will help as you increase distance on the actual course.

3. Warm-Up

While we’re on the subject of avoiding injury, make sure to warm up. This should be something you do before every game, but it’s especially important at the beginning of your golf season. This includes stretching before, with the primary focus being on warming up your back, arms and shoulders. Make sure you know where your tight spots are and work on a stretching routine you can stay consistent with.

In addition to stretching, make sure you warm up your golf swing before your game. Try and get to the golf course early and hit a few long balls and stop by the putting green. Going into the first hole without warming up could cost you a few hits! Work out your kinks early, and you’ll impress your golf buddies.

4. Check Your Equipment

It’s key to do an audit of your golf equipment before the start of every season. Are your clubs old and in need of a repair or upgrade? Do you need to stock up on golf balls? Is it time to invest in some better golf shoes? Give yourself an honest assessment. New golf technology and clubs come out every year.

As the golf season takes full swing, more and more equipment will come on the golf radar. From drivers to irons, it’s important to look at your current equipment and find where it needs improvement. Do you need a better game-improvement iron? Ask yourself what you need, what you can afford and what will improve your game the most. Better equipment and technology can make a big difference.

5. Get Your Mind Ready

It’s important to realize you’ll have some rust to shake off, no matter how much practice and prep work you put in. Stay positive and shake off a bad hole or bad round. You’ll improve and get back into the groove soon enough. However, the more time you spend getting ready for the golf season, the more confident you will be. Just remember to have fun and stay positive.

These are just a few tips to help you get ready for your best golf season yet. From first-time golfer, all the way up to pro, remember to have fun and enjoy golf. Get out there, enjoy the weather and make this your best yet.

By Matt at

Matt is an avid golf enthusiast and part of the team. When he’s not working on his fairway shot, you will find Matt writing about his passion for the process of the game.

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