The Sports Archives – Team Sports Alternatives to Football

There has forever, and a day been people supporting, cheering, and even traveling the world to watch their favorite sports teams play. Currently, the World Cup is in play, and as always it leads more people to want to be more active and get into the sport or at the very least a sport. But, it’s not just about football, rugby or the NFL. Oh no… there is a whole world out there; the team sports world has so much more to offer. So, let’s take a look at some of the best.

Lacrosse, although the game originated from Canada, it has long been a game that people have enjoyed. It’s a rough and ready game, and back in the old days a game could last three days and involve a thousand players on a single field. It’s moved on since then to become a popular game in most schools and swam itself across the pond to the UK too. You’re going to need a fair bit of stamina to make it through a game, and not be afraid for some body contact.

Walking Basketball. This one might sound a bit strange, but it takes the high-speeding crowd please and slows it down to the point that the over-50s can enjoy it too. The rules are all the same except it has to be slowed down to meet the needs of the players. This one is particularly great if you have knee damage or are trying to keep active as you get older.

A favorite team sport in the Netherlands, Taiwan, and Belgium is Korfball. This is a mixed gender sport and is very similar to basketball. Both teams vie to get the ball into the opposite team basket. It is a non contact sport, and ‘duels’ are only allowed by same-sex players. It is still highly active and fast-paced, providing a great cardiovascular workout.

Any Harry Potter fans around? Although you might be seeing this sport on any time soon, it really does exist. Muggle Quidditch. There are indeed broomsticks; sadly you won’t be flying anywhere while playing though. Much like the movies, there is one seeker, three chasers, two beaters and a keeper. All of which have to be carrying a broomstick at all times. But what about the golden snitch? Well, that quick little thing is replaced by a person called a ‘snitch runner’ – who is allowed to run to pretty much wherever the like, apart from into buildings and up trees.

If all of those don’t sound like something you’d want to do, then what about Ultimate Frisbee? Mixed genders, two teams of seven, non-contact, and perhaps most surprisingly for a team sport: No referee. You aren’t allowed to run with the frisbee and players are governed by themselves. Likely lending to a great team sport with plenty of sportsmanship and spirit.

So while football is center stage right now, if you’re thinking about checking a team sport out, consider some of those.


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