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NFL Football


The NFL betting odds has been a big source of income not just only in the United States, but across the world. There are a wide range of NFL betting odds available at almost all the bookmaker sites due to the popularity of the league.

The American football popularity grows season after season making more popular than other sporting leagues and making the NFL betting odds a good stream of income for bettors worldwide.


The most common type of NFL betting odds comes through ‘the Spread betting’ or ‘the line betting’. Actually, bookmakers tell bettors that spread margin brings the contest to a 50-50 chance which in reality it’s not.

Bookmakers do not provide the real even money odds of 2.00, they typically provide a price of 1.91 for spread betting. This means that in order to break even, you need to win at least 52% of your bets. NFL betting odds spread are really negligible which makes finding the best NFL betting odds available very essential. This leads us to the following points:


One of the essential things to take note is the most common winning margins in the NFL league games. These key numbers are 3, and 10 points. Stats shows that almost 1/3 of games have ended up with one of these key 3 margins. More than 16% of the last 20 seasons games ended up with a 3 points margin. So, this is significant to improving your NFL betting odds.


One of the questions that bothers bettors mind on the NFL betting odds is whether a line move is due to wiseguy plays or public money. As a matter of fact, you can Track the public wagers with online betting tools to check out the consensus and see how other bettors are betting the game. If a line is moving to a particular direction and you notice that more than 60% are on the side, then, it is very likely that the public money is moving the line at the moment.


It is obvious that the average NFL bettor only bets on the favorite in a game. They leave the underdogs, especially underdogs with wide point spreads. Now, over the past 10 seasons, the underdogs playing at away field with 10 points and above have had a winning rate of 54%. Also, over the past 10 seasons, the underdogs playing on home fields with 7 points and above have had a winning rate of 59%. This is an awesome statistic that displays the worth of the underdogs that nobody ever think would draw the game let alone winning it.


The tide can turn in favor of the team with great defense, winning the team by the spread. Do not look down on topnotch defenses even when they are facing fierce offenses. The reverse is the case when it comes to poor defense- Teams that put up poor defense, no matter the offensive strength may have difficult time beating the spread.

On a final note, it is important to study every part of the game before betting. It is highly important you analyze each game, draw out power ranking. Do not bet on mere intuitions. No one can have consistent success by applying some guesswork.

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