The Sports Archives – Boxing Hospitality: What You Can Look Forward To This Year

David Haye in the royal box at Wimbledon 2014

by Brian Minkoff-London Pixels

With corporate hospitality, here are a few of the fights that you’ll be able to see this year:In 2018, there are plenty of potentially historic big fights to look forward to, and we know that you’d like to go see these fights in style.As always with boxing, there are plenty of fights going on this year.

–          Haye V Bellew

–          Joshua V Parker

–          Khan v Lo Greco

Despite so many different fights to choose from, these are the 3 fights that we’re looking forward to most.

With that in mind, we’re going to tell you everything that we already know about these fights, so that you can decide whether boxing hospitality is for you in 2018.

Boxing Hospitality: Haye V Bellew II — May 5th, 2018

If you’re a boxing fan, you’re probably very excited about the upcoming fight between Haye and Bellew.

With this fight, there is much anticipation. The eagerly, impatiently waiting fans are most excited to witness the fight to find out whether David Haye can make the comeback that he has been promising for so very long now.

Although Haye is saying that it’s now back to business, and he’s fit, fans have been debating whether this is actually true; after all, injury problems go back to prior to his original fight with Bellew in March 2017. It’s a popular opinion that Haye’s time is likely up, but we’re more than happy to watch him prove us wrong in this sure-to-be fascinating fight.

Boxing Hospitality: Joshua V Parker — March 31st, 2018

In arguably the biggest fight of 2018, Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker will finally clash.

Taking place at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium, this is touted as the biggest fight of his career. Although Joshua has never been beaten – he has won every fight by knockout – Joseph Parker is also unbeaten in all of his career fights. These two competitors coming together is a mouth-watering exciting prospect.

For the first time since 1987, two undefeated heavyweight champions will compete. On that occasion, the two participants were the legendary Mike Tyson and Tony Tucker. Whilst this means that two heavyweights coming together isn’t entirely unprecedented, it does mean that it hasn’t happened in recent history and suggests that this fight is something to get very excited about.

With Joshua’s popularity only increasing fight after fight, this battle is something that we’re all waiting for.

Boxing Hospitality: Khan V Lo Greco – April 21st, 2018

Since his last fight, Khan has seen a lot of publicity. Whether you’ve seen him loitering in the Australian jungle, or on the front page of The Sun calling Anthony Joshua all the names under the sun, he has been in the news for everything but his boxing career.

Now, Khan is back in the ring, and ready to take on experienced Canadian Phil Lo Greco. The boxer from Bolton will take on Lo Greco at the Liverpool Echo Arena in is first fight since May 2016, when he was virtually destroyed by Canelo Alvarez.

Although Khan did lose his last fight almost 2 years ago, fans of boxing in general are ecstatic to see him returning to the win – even if that is to see him lose!

Lo Greco has demonstrated that he isn’t scared of the returning Khan, and he has publicly stated that “Amir Khan will be knocked out”, so we can’t wait to see what happens when these two come together in April.

Boxing Hospitality: Watch in style

If you’re a big fan of boxing, why not watch it in style?

With boxing hospitality, you can watch the fight like nobody else can. Don’t miss out!

This article was written by Jack Mitchell with useful information from ATM Events. Jack is a Yorkshire lad who loves reading, films and the great outdoors.

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