The Sports Archives – Goal-Line Technology

In the highly competitive nature of sports today, a missed or non-call of what appeared to be a goal, or in the case of Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” goal – a missed hand ball; we have clearly demonstrated that the trained eye of the referee is in need of some assistance when it comes to making the correct call.

In soccer and in American football, did the entire ball cross the goal-line?  In hockey, did the puck cross the goal-line? Was the goaltender interfered with?  Was the puck kicked in or put into the goal with the use of a stick above the crossbar? In baseball, was the runner tagged or did the runner beat the throw at first base?

All of these questions are challenged and now answered with the use of electronic devices for capturing these types of events from multiple angles.  The human factor still makes the final call after a team of officials, often not even at the site, assess the results.

Even with these new technologies, we the fans will still look to blame our team’s loss on the horrific officiating that took place that day!

Here is an infographic illustrating some the technologies in use today for helping officials make the right call!  I believe John McEnroe would still say ‘You cannot be serious!’.

goal line technology

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