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You’ve probably spent great deals of time learning on longboards, its different components and the different types of boards you can use for various forms of skateboarding.

Many pros come with buying longboard(s) from some of the well-known industry brands. For instance, it guarantees the buyer top performance and excellent quality.   But it doesn’t always have to be a renowned brand, sometimes a specialized small shop like Legit Board Shop can exceed your expectations.  The best longboard brands have ingenuity, the resources, and passion for producing the best products to their clients. They’re a cut above the others. While some of the boards boards  may be pricey, it’s a worthy investment since they come with high quality, control, performance and an exciting longboarding experience.

So What are Some of the Best Longboard Brands?

  1. Sector 9 Longboards

Entry-level users prefer sector 9 longboards since it’s one of the highly recommended longboard brands for beginners. They’re also significant due to their easy availability. However, you can get Sector 9 longboards virtually in every retail store dealing with longboards. Aspiring longboarding enthusiasts buy them to try out the support prior to upgrading to high performance or more specialized long board that suits their particular style & preferences

Regarding price, they are typically cheaper compared to other longboard brands though this doesn’t diminish their premium quality. Besides, you can purchase many premium quality Sector 9 boards that cost more compared to the average longboard although you’re unlikely to notice a significant boost regarding the quality of a longboarding experience.

Sector 9 boards are built with slide wheels or basic traction. They also have trucks that are partially built with bamboo to offer you sufficient flex.

  1. Landyachtz Longboards

This is another famous brand that you will likely to find in every longboarding shop. With Landyachtz make, you can pick from a variety of different long boards with varying price points. Every skater will, however, find a Landyachtz board that fits both their preferences and budget.

They come with an innovative design that gives them a cool deck appearance. They’re also built with a natural drop-through/ pintail decks. Almost, every Landyachtz longboard has an impeccable design with close attention to detail.

Landyachtz board’s prices vary widely with the type of the board as well as the construction material. There are boards for the beginners like Bamboo Totem and boards for more experienced board skaters. The Landyachtz Evo, for instance, is a premium quality longboard that’s on the higher end of the market going for about $220.

Each of these boards comes with a superb quality which is loved entirely in the longboarding forums. The boards are made with Monster Hawg wheels & Bear trucks. The hardware used in making the Landyachtz offers superior performance to longboard skaters making this as the best board brands in the market.

  1. Loaded Longboard

The loaded brand is one of the best high-performance longboards in the longboarding industry and a class of its own regarding top-notch performance and quality. With such an impeccable quality, loaded boards is a good longboard brand to invest in. On the other hand, loaded boards are, quite expensive. Most of them cost $300 and above. For example, the Chubby Unicorn is the best loaded board models, and it sells at $360.

Other loaded longboard designs range from $250-$300. The loaded longboard comes with a reputation of the utmost quality in all the board components and offers excellent value for your money, superior design, superior performance, and durability. The loaded longboard is one of the best board brands in the current market, and they’ll not disappoint you concerning quality.

  1. Atom Longboards

The Atom long board is another common brand in the longboarding industry. Their boards are designed by MBS, a company which was founded in Colorado Springs. Like any other longboard designers in the industry, the atoms long board original line is the manufacture of the mountain boarding products. Atom-industry was renowned, and it’s still known for building highly innovative and mountain performance products. With the growth in popularity of the longboarding sport, the industry diversified its portfolio to have long boards, superior design and carve boards.

  1. Santa Cruz Longboards

Santa Cruz is a leading longboard brand. The company provides a series of five quality board products. They include the Signature, Slide, Heritage, Flow, Slide, and Elevation.

Also, the company provides high technical standards for their board products in spite the products are however known for artistic flair. Consequently, the graphics used on the boards are quite iconic. Ideally, the company brings forth 40 years of skateboard experience to make it the best board brands in the current market.

Author bio:

skateboarding-avatarVincent Quinn is the founder of skateboardingcenter. As any true skateboarder I love my longboard, and like to review longboards as it is fulfilling to me. When I do not ride, I write reliable and fully independent guides on longboard tips, best place for riding, how to find the best longboards available, etc…

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