The Sports Archives – Golf Mad 5 Year Old Boy Has His Own Putting Green Installed

golf-ball-313185_1280Artificial Grass Used To Make Boy’s Putting Lawn

Artificial grass has many advantages – it can even be used to create a putting lawn, as one lucky five-year old discovered!

There are many advantages to artificial grass – but did you know it could be used to create your very own putting lawn?

Five year old Bobby Moore is a budding sportsman. Unlike his famous namesake, however, his sport of choice is golf. He is already making a name for himself, scoring his first hole in one at the tender age of three and playing competitively against other children.

His devoted Dad, Robert, who lives in Peterborough, has recently had the front lawn of his family home converted into a putting lawn for his young prodigy. This was created using artificial grass, which came at a cost of £6,500. Robert sees this as giving his son the opportunity to practice and make full use of his talents.

He told ITV News: “It’s good to be focused and want to be good at something – but not to be too hard, because I don’t want to put him off it. I am, after all, a wannabe professional and people say you’re living your talent vicariously through your son – and I suppose to a degree I am, but he’s way better that I ever was.” While encouraging his young son’s talent, the new putting lawn also has another advantage for Dad Robert – he never has to mow it!

Other golfers might take inspiration from this story, as artificial grass is a great choice for a private putting lawn. Not only does it require no maintenance, but it’s perfect to play on all year round – it will not be muddy in the winter or dry in the summer. This is a great idea for golf enthusiasts, ensuring they can keep their skills sharp in all seasons. It’s a luxurious feature to add to any house, which will potentially add value as an executive feature. It’s also great fun for guests after a dinner party or barbecue!

Artificial grass is a great choice for all lawns – not just putting lawns. It’s available in a wide range of styles and colours, which ensures that your grass will look lush, green and aesthetically pleasing at all times. Fake grass requires almost no maintenance, which means that your shed can be used to store sun loungers instead of a lawn mower – you can enjoy your grass without having to tend to it!

Artificial grass is also perfectly safe for pets, and dog mess is not an issue – this can be handled in the same way as it would with natural grass, though an occasional wash with warm soapy water will help to keep it looking fresh. Those with pets and children will reap the benefits of artificial grass, as no mud means no muddy footprints! You can let dogs and toddlers alike wander in and out of the garden without worrying about the dirt trail afterwards.

For those with allergies, artificial grass can also offer relief, avoiding contact with the common irritants that lie in grasses. This also applies to pets, who can often pick up infections from bugs in natural grass.

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Lee Tombs is the Founder of Artificial Grass Installers, with over 10 years of experience, Lee and his team have installed artificial grass in hundreds of homes across Essex, London and Hertfordshire.

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