The Sports Archives – Paragliding: Your Just-Wings To Touch The Sky!


Do you love watching birds flying high in the sky? Have you ever wished of touching the sky? If yes, then you must try on for ‘Paragliding’. It is dodgy yet dazzling sport that one must go for!








You must have heard people, or even you saying, “Oh! I may possibly fly and play or talk with winds, but Alas! This is not possible at all.”

Gone are those days when we sit with losing face that we are unable to fulfill are high dreams. Now, the time is different. With the advancement of technology, there are several options through which one can fulfill his/her dreams.


It is something like leisure activity which you must try when you go for your mountain trip. It is an engine free flight. They are even known as “just wings” featuring very strong and non-tear able big fabric stall, ropes to strap up and a chair. All you need is to just get ready with flying suit, helmet, and boots. Then, gripping the ropes, hop for a minute and start running to launch the aircraft.








See… you flying!

While experiencing Paragliding, you should have good control on yourself as well as your aircraft. One can enjoy the flight for many hours only if the weather is normal and you know how to take off. Don’t worry about bucks as it is affordable and here you won’t get such kind of replies like sorry Spacing full, no seat, etc. It is an activity where you can alone fly high and feel the whistling sounds of wind and the birds. There are a number of online sites available where you can make a thorough check before you buy service.










As said above, it might be nasty or dangerous if you are not active while flying. So, these three things are musts:

  • One must follow the rules
  • Should have a positive attitude of a pilot
  • Should know how to use the equipment


If you able to meet these conditions by controlling the speed, then it’s obvious that you’ll get the safest journey till you want to enjoy.


If you know the way to fulfill your dream, then doesn’t delay more, make it early and start living your dream. If you willing to fly high, then you must know that a minimum age to acquire pilot rating is 16 years. But, to get trained, one can start a proper training process at the age of 14. And, there’s no upper age limit as it just requires your dedication, passion and good vision. Also, if you are suffering from any medical disorder better take advice before you go for booking.


Fly high and touch the sky! For a takeoff, here you don’t require any experience or particular fitness. All you have to do is to hop and run for a few minutes till your flight take off.













Also, if you are aged or scared of flying alone, you can even sit back and enjoy the ride. The Paragliding instructor will fly it for you. It is known as “Tandem Flights”. No matter you are riding or somebody else is riding for you, but once you’ll experience it, you’ll feel like flying again and again!


  • One Can View The Whole City View: If you are a perfect glider, you can trek along the whole country within 15-25 minutes as it fully depends on your control and weather conditions. By rising above, you can view the whole city and get amazed by beautiful surroundings. You can even see those parts which you have never seen or heard about your own city or others.


  • It’s Different From Hang-Gliding: Some people often compare Paragliding with hang-gliding. But, they are poles apart! One can easily master in Paragliding and can be easily carried away for transport. It differs in wing-shape and structure as well. It is made up of stall in wing shape which is soft without any frame inside.











  • The Safest On Air Sports: Paragliding! Although it sounds scary, but exactly not. There are many on this earth that have done Paragliding and have outstanding experience.Before you take a flight you’ll see that there are more than 20 or 30 lines of ropes connected with you and your chair to make you fly. It’s very rare that deformation or colliding and fall down problem occurs due to bad weather. But, if it happens, there are instructors and glider pilots available to bring them back safely.



  • Comfortable to Sit As Compare to Normal Chair: According to another harness-based activities, strapping and clipping is done around your body parts. Here, the focus is just on safety and comfortable is fully ignored. But, in Paragliding, the focus is on both customer’s security and comfortable as well.










It is said, “If you are not fit and comfy, you can’t do any work.” So, while take-off, if you are not cozy, your brain will always make you move to get easy on a chair. But, if you have already checked your comfort-zone before flying, then your full focus is on your ride. This will automatically result in safe.

  • Riders have Full Control in their Hands: If you don’t think you must know that while flying up above in the sky, pilots have full control in their hands. It includes power brakes which help in taking turns and control speed. Moreover, it depends on the pilot’s cleverness and luck as well. The more you drive with concentration and alertness, the more your journey will be safe and secure!










  • Named After NASA: It is said that Leonardo DA Vinci have planned the very first parachute and NASA helped in designing and naming it as “Para glider”. Then, a French engineer did some changes in parachute by just including some exhausts or holes in it. This allows raising high in air with proper navigation. But, again, it was NASA who developed a parachute to “sail wing,” which was then known as “Paragliding”.

Remember! Life and Time is very precious. Every minute, every second is important. So, the ball is in our court, we have to take all the major decisions which are connected to us.


Even if you are fearful of Paragliding, you should try it for once to overcome your fear!


Author Bio

Lisa Coffey (°1988, United States) is a Freelance Content Writer, who writes in many fields. With a conceptual approach, Coffey tries to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way, likes to involve the viewer in a way that is sometimes physical and believes in the idea of function following form in a work.

Her creative work directly responds to the surrounding environment and she utilizes her everyday experiences from travelling as well which gives a starting point to write. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. She is currently associated with adventureflightsppg



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  1. Loved the blog!
    Cape Town is itself famous for this paragliding sport and this blog contains all the popular destinations where you can have this sport. I prefer Table Mountain and Lion Head as you can get a perfect bird eye view of the city.

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