The Sports Archives – History of the Six Nations Rugby Tournament

The locations of the Six Nations.

The locations of the Six Nations.

The Six Nations – currently known as the RBS Six Nations – is one of the biggest international rugby events of the year. This annual tournament features six national sides: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Italy and France.

It takes place early in the year, and the 2015 tournament will start on February 6 with the last matches held on March 21.

The Home Nations Championship

The tournament started off as the Home Nations Championship in 1883, when it featured England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. It then became the Five Nations Championship in 1910 when France joined, and this lasted until 1931.

From 1932 to 1939 it reverted to the Home Nations Championship, and after the war the Five Nations Championship began again. This carried on until 1999, and the following year the 6 Nations rugby tournament was born with the addition of Italy.

Results over the years

Since the Home Nations Championship began, England and Wales have been the most successful teams, both winning 26 titles. In recent times, Scotland and Italy have been the least successful, with neither managing to win the 6 Nations since the first tournament was held in 2000.

When a team wins every match, they win the Grand Slam. England has won the most Grand Slams with 12, followed by:

  • Wales with 11;
  • France with 9;
  • Scotland with 3;
  • Ireland with 2;
  • Italy have yet to win a Grand Slam.
Six Nations Championship and Triple Crown Trophies

Six Nations Championship and Triple Crown Trophies

If one of the home nations teams beats the other three home nations, they are awarded the Triple Crown. The winner of the whole event is awarded the Championship Trophy.

In the Six Nations, Wales and France have both won three Grand Slams, but France have been champions on the most occasions with five wins.

Watch the rugby in Italy in 2015

If you want to combine a Six Nations rugby match with a holiday, you may want to go to Italy in 2015. Italy will be hosting three games, including:

  • Ireland on February 7th;
  • France on March 15th;
  • Wales on March 21st.

You can purchase tickets to see any of these games, and you can buy them through the website or as part of a package to Italy. You may get them cheaper through a package, and it can also be more convenient to buy your flights and accommodation all together.

See more of Italy during your stay

All three rugby games will take place in Rome at the Stadio Olimpico, and the atmosphere will be buzzing – not just in the stadium but throughout the city. Rome makes a great destination for a weekend break, so by all means enjoy seeing the sights during your time here. However, you could also see more of the country during your holiday.

Olympic Stadium in Rome under the snow before the match Italy - England at the 2012 Six Nations

Olympic Stadium in Rome under the snow before the match Italy – England at the 2012 Six Nations

Book a multi-centre holiday and you could spend a few days or longer in different cities like Florence, Milan or Venice. Or you could explore a region like Tuscany or Abruzzo, or the Amalfi Coast. It is easy to arrange and travel distances are not great, making a multi-centre trip a good option.

Start planning your trip

Whatever rugby match you want to see, you may wish to start planning your trip soon because the matches are not far away. Then enjoy a relaxing weekend or longer in Italy, see the rugby, and enjoy spending some time in this beautiful country.

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