The Sports Archives – Why Lawn Bowls Is Becoming A Hobby For A Whole New Generation

Often thought of as a sport favoured by older people, lawn bowls is actually growing in popularity with today’s younger people, and is even gaining a fun and sexy new image as a professional sport. There are a number of reasons why the younger generation of twenty and thirty somethings are picking up bowls, and here we’ll take a look at just what they are:

It is an Accessible Sport Most People Can Play

Because it doesn’t involve running or anything else all that strenuous, it is a great sport to take up with friends of mixed fitness levels or as an introduction to a sport if you are not very fit but would like to improve your health by starting to exercise. It is also well suited to families and people with young children, as they can play along with parents and grandparents alike.

It Still Has a Lot of Skill You Can Master

While it isn’t the most athletic sport in the world, there is still a lot of skill to pick up, and much like golf, there is no reason why experience can’t beat youth, meaning that competitions can be very interesting. Additionally, as you master bowls and get better at it, your skills won’t fade as you age, meaning that those who take it to a high level can keep doing it well past the professional sporting age of most other sports. The younger you are when you start, the more years you will have to rack up experience and perfect your skills.

It is a Great Way to Enjoy Good Weather

Whereas many other more casual sports like ten pin bowling, pool and darts are played indoors, you play lawn bowls out in the sunshine, which means it is a great way to make the most of a nice day and work on your tan (subject to your kit of course!)

It is Highly Sociable

While fast paced sports can make it hard to pause for breath let alone a conversation, so most of the socialising tends to take place after a game, the pace of bowls leaves plenty of time to talk, laugh and admire your fellow players’ skills. You get plenty of breaks to snack and have drinks during the day, making it a fun laid back activity that can be great for a party or for work team building. Bowls themed parties have actually become quite a popular thing, again because it is inclusive, sociable and still allows people to be competitive and learn a sport.

Breaking Into a Pro Level is Easier Than in Better Known Sports

If someone really falls in love with the game of lawn bowls and has a talent for it, they have a much easier time if they want to play at a top level than in many sports. Certainly the money is not so good, but the sense of achievement for playing for a proper club is still there and bowls does have its own fans, too!

Whether you want to take up bowls for a day for a party or event, try it out as a different thing to do with friends, or you are interested in getting into it more seriously, there are plenty of bowls clubs you can join all over the country, so why not get started!

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Jenny Wadlow, the author of this guest post, is a freelance blogger and a sales executive at Brunswick Bowling Club. She likes to blog about random topics that affect her life. Her favourite hobbies are swimming and reading novels. You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.

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