The Sports Archives – Relaxing On The Fairway Between Shoots – Hollywood Movie Stars Who Love To Play Golf!

Golf is known for being a sport enjoyed by many of the wealthier among us, though these days it is a pretty accessible hobby for people from all kinds of backgrounds. However, whether it is its luxury connotations, its ability to both challenge and relax people, or the fact it offers plenty of opportunity to get competitive, golf seems to hold far more appeal to A-list celebrities than any other sport. Even outside of celebrity Masters style competitions, plenty of famous faces regularly play golf, and some of them may surprise you! Here are some of the sport’s most famous celebrity participants:

Samuel L Jackson

As one of Hollywood’s most established and iconic current stars, Samuel L Jackson is known for his cool demeanor and his unforgettable roles in movies like Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown and, most recently, Django Unchained. The Guinness Book of World Records has listed Jackson as the highest grossing film actor of all time, and to relax, he likes nothing more than hitting the fairway.

Matthew McConaughey

Star of countless romantic comedies, along with a few action hits like Sahara, McConaughey has been playing golf since long before he was being admired with his shirt off by female movie goers! He took up the sport as a teen and played for his high school. He claims that in his golfing career, he has achieved four hole in one shots!

Haley Joel Osment

Remember the little boy from The Sixth Sense? Well, he’s all grown up now, and still working as a Hollywood actor. He is also a very keen golfer, playing regular rounds at his local club in Glendale, California.

Hugh Grant

Star of just about every British romantic comedy ever made, as well as a very notable scandal, Hugh Grant plays golf on the exclusive Dunhill Links course in Scotland, where he doesn’t mind fans coming along to watch. He has been a fan of golf for decades, and is ranked by Golf digest as Hollywood’s 16th best golfer, based on handicap.

Jessica Alba

Regarded as one of Hollywood’s sexiest female stars, and with plenty of blockbuster movies under her belt including The Fantastic Four, Jessica Alba is also a keen golfer. It seems she manages to find time between making movies, raising her two daughters and doing those commercials for Windows phones to get out on the fairway and practice her swing as often as she can. The fashion conscious star is likely to have a very cute set of clubs, and all the latest golf cart accessories!

Sylvester Stallone

He may be famous for tough guy roles in movie series’ like Rambo and Rocky, but Stallone’s favorite sport isn’t actually boxing – it’s golf. While golfing may not help him when he needs to pack on muscle for a new role (and even in his advanced years he still largely gets cast in action parts), it does give him an enjoyable way to unwind and still exercise his competitive leanings!

There are actually hundreds of well known names who play golf regularly, some of them at a very impressive level, however many celebrity golfers are reluctant to reveal their handicap or any other indication of how good they are. Whether it is ego or just a desire for privacy, we may know who Hollywood’s biggest golf enthusiasts are, but we might never know who would win in an all star tournament!

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When he is not on the golf course, Tom Jerome, the writer of this guest post, likes to share most of his thoughts through his blogs. He likes talking about topics related to golf and he has a dream to become one of the greatest golfers.

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