The Sports Archives – Entertaining the Masses: the Many Faces of a Pool Table!

Having a pool table in your home will bring many hours of fun and entertainment, with you able to share a few drinks with your friends and family whilst shooting a few balls. A pool table brings life to a home in ways that many other things cannot.

Whilst many of us dream of having a pool table in our own home, the main issue that stops many of us is the space that they will take up. Therefore, here are a few suggestions as to how you can help to minimise any lost space by using the pool table in other ways.

Fancy Playing Table Tennis?

Although you love pool, you may on occasion be in the situation where your guests would rather play something else for a change. Your pool table can easily be converted into a ping pong table by simply purchasing a conversion top for it.

It will be easily fixed to the top of the pool table and sufficiently protect the cloth underneath so that you can now enjoy something a little different on occasion.

Just remember that table tennis does require quite a bit of space for maneuvering around – even more so than you would need for playing pool. It may also be a good idea to hide away any personal possessions that can be easily broken, simply because you are going to jump all around the room.

Dinner is Served

In much the same way, when the pool table is not being used, it can be a dining table instead. All you would need is a large sheet of plywood placed on the top and a tablecloth and some appropriately sized chairs and it is good to go.

This means that if you are worried about the space needed for a pool table, you can simply get rid of your current dining room table and use a pool table as one instead. Then when you are ready for a good session of pool, you simply whip off the top and you are ready to start shooting.

Of course, try to use some materials that will protect the pool table underneath, as the last thing you will want to see are some scratches when you next go about playing some pool.

A Few Hands of Poker

Now I know you must be getting the idea by now, as your pool table can easily be turned into an excellent poker table. Poker is a very popular game these days, so a large pool table converted into a good-sized table will allow you and many friends to play a few hands.

Put the top on, get a tablecloth and a deck of cards and some poker chips out and you are ready to attempt to take some of your friend’s cash in a friendly game of poker.

Again just a simple top for your pool table and some kind of cloth laid over the top will give you another use for your table. Just make sure that the top is fitted well enough so that any spilt drinks do not get through to the pool table below.

There are many ways that you can transform your pool table to ensure that you can minimise space whilst maximizing usage, playability and entertainment. Therefore if you are considering getting a pool table but are a little worried about the logistics of it all, you are now well equipped with a few good ideas of how to make the most of the space that will be taken up.

Lucas Conner is a writer who believes that pool tables can be used, if protected, to house a number of other different activities. He recommends when selecting a table, that you explore websites like to find the one to suit your needs.

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