The Sports Archives – Rory McIlroy: History As A Golfer!

Claiming he hit his first golf ball when he was two years old, Rory McIlroy has surprised PGA fans everywhere. In 2005, he won the West Ireland Championship and the Irish Close Championships. He was the youngest competitor ever to win these championships. Now at the age of 23, McIlroy shows his ability and skill in golf, having set the record of being the youngest player to reach ten million dollars in career earnings with the PGA Tour. His success has drawn the attention of Nike, which has offered a ten-year sponsorship deal worth a staggering $250 million.

McIlroy’s success might be from his determination to be an athlete. On his official website,, he states:

“I take my physical fitness and well-being very seriously. I believe that being in good physical shape helps me to be a better player. I can drive the ball further, my energy and concentration levels are improved and I feel like I have an extra edge when the pressure is on. A healthy body equals a healthy mind.”

Rory McIlroy 2012 U.S. OpenMcIlroy’s athleticism is evident with his win in 2011 at the U.S. Open. He set a record score of 16-under-par. He then went on to win the Honda Classic, PGA Championship, Deutsche Bank Championship, and BMW Championship. McIlroy has beaten well-known, historical players such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

McIlroy started his career in his teens playing in England. He is from Northern Ireland and quickly rose to the top of amateur golfers in Europe. After five amateur championship wins, McIlroy joined the European PGA in 2007. His professional career started off with a few top-ten placements and then led to professional wins in the European Tour and eventually the U.S. PGA Tour. Recently, McIlroy won the 2012 PGA Championship by beating a previous record set by Jack Nicklaus in 1980. Nicklaus set a record of seven strokes, and McIlroy set the new record of eight strokes.

Even though McIlroy has seen much success, he has had some hard times in recent years. He has struggled to stay on the fairway. During the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, he was in the rough over 50 percent of the time. This was mainly due to his starting drive. To improve his drive, he said “I will work on still the same things that I was working on…a little bit of posture, trying to get the club in the right position on the way back.” According to Edward Jnaro, a sports blogger,  McIlroy struggled with his performance on the tee, but “he was outstanding on the course with his shots and his putting technique.”

In 2013, McIlroy started the year with high goals and high spirits. But so far this year, he has struggled to make any impacts in a tournament or championship. reported on McIlroy’s 25th place in the Masters 2013. About his game that Sunday, McIlroy said “I didn’t feel that I played all that differently to what I did on Saturday, yet my score was ten shots lower. It was a nice round to finish.” Even though McIlroy hit a few birdies, he also made some large mistakes on Sunday on the fourth hole with a bogey. McIlroy said “ A few mistakes around this course and you can pay a heavy penalty.”

Even with his setbacks, McIlroy has played some amazing games. Many PGA fans are hoping McIlroy will return to his previous performance levels. Hopefully a boost in confidence and a few more victories will show up for McIlroy in the future.

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