The Sports Archives – The Biggest Mistakes To Make As Part Of A Football (Soccer) Team!

BarcelonaIt does not matter if you are a Champions League player or someone who turns out for their local amateur club at the weekend, the ideals of what makes a good team player are universally relevant. The ability you have on the field goes much further than merely being able to put in a last-ditch tackle or a dangerous free-kick. It is a collective effort from the moment the whistle blows and it is easy to let your colleagues down if you do not play by the rules. Everyone is aware of the classic errors that can be made such as an own goal or a needless red card but these are some of the behavioural mistakes that should be avoided if you want to stay popular with those you play alongside.

Failing To Pull Your Weight

It is the thing that is guaranteed to make football supporters angry and it will not help you with your teammates either. When a group of players are out there doing their utmost to win a game an individual will stick out like a sore thumb if they are not putting in the effort. It is not all silky passing and great goals in football, there is a lot of work that has to be done to win the ball back and it starts from the forwards. Body language is huge in sport and if you are not prepared to put the yards in for the team then you will not win too much favour.

Shirking Responsibility

The very nature of sport means that there will be downs to go with the ups and when fortunes go against you it is important to accept your part in it. After a defeat there may be an inquest in the dressing room and you will make much more of a positive impact if you hold your hands up to something you could have done better. Singling out your teammates for harsh criticism is also a very dodgy route to go down if it is not justified.

Shunning Group Activity

The make-up of a football team is about more than just how well you do when the game kicks off as there is a strong social element that goes alongside it. Off-field activities are important for building camaraderie and establishing a rapport with various individuals. This can make all the difference in training sessions and when the competitive games come around and you will put yourself at a disadvantage if you isolate yourself from these things.

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