The Sports Archives – How To Get A Better Hockey Shot!

Practice makes perfect, and that is exactly what is needed to improve your hockey shot. Of course, you must practice techniques properly, in order for this improvement to take place, and this can be done both on and off the ice. This sport is a true game of skill, requiring the player to be able to perform impeccably, while standing on ice skates. At the same time, during a game, there will be opponents to deal with, who will try to take the puck away, often using force, in addition to their own stick handling techniques.

How to Improve Your Hockey Shot

1. With a hockey net equipped, preferably with targets in all four corners, practice wrist shots from a close distance. Precision is always best, and once accuracy is developed, you can try the slap shot, which will require positioning yourself at a greater distance from the net. Try hitting the different targets each time, until it becomes second nature.

2. Stick handling, which is necessary to hold onto the puck during a game is required. Then the flick the wrist by applying pressure and let it go.

3. Once the wrist shot is perfected, practice the slap shot. This is a crucial shot for every player, and especially the defenseman, who normally positions himself at the blue line, when in the opposing team’s end zone. The same equipment should be used, i.e., a net with targets.

4. This hockey shot is the most powerful of all in the game. It requires lifting the stick back, so that the blade is pointing to the ceiling, then following through with all the power in you to slap the puck. The best slap shot is that which is only inches from the ice, because it gives teammates the opportunity to deflect the puck for a scoring opportunity.

5. The above techniques can also be practiced without targets in place, but it is always aim at the different corners to develop accuracy.

A Hockey Shot Without Warning

One of the best shots in the game is the snap shot because it has the quickest release, with plenty of power. What makes it so great is that the opponents are never warned, as there is no wind up. So, it is imperative to master it. It is faster than the wrist shot and more accurate than the slap shot, making it the most commonly used shot in hockey today. Lots of practice is necessary to gain the skill, however. Stand about 20 feet from the net when practicing.

All of these shots, among others, are necessary for any player, so work hard to develop the skills each requires. They all take time and dedication to master, but they will improve your game.

Jimmy Telps is a proud hockey dad and freelance writer. Although he has retired from hockey for 4 years now, he still learns more and more everyday. When not practicing with his son, he’s writing about hockey strength training tips and tricks.

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