The Sports Archives – Is the Australian Pride Misplaced?

The very thought of the country winning not ten or twenty, but thirty-five medals makes any Australian’s chest inflate with pride to the size of the planet Jupiter. But put $297 million from the taxpayers’ pockets, in that same thought. Does it still sound so proud?

Agreed, that Australia’s victory in the Olympics stretches way beyond glory, pride and honour, but, $297 million is still an obscene amount. What is even important to understand, is whether the expenses are even justified, considering that it’s burnt black holes in the taxpayers’ pockets. Would the same amount be able to paint a better picture if it were used for something better, perhaps, a bigger purpose? What if you were told that even one-fourth of this total amount would have sufficed to support 44,258 individual Australians and 29,073 Australian families?

If the $297 million was to be divided into four parts of $18,595,720 each and given to four charity organization; one part to the Peter Hughes BURN foundation, would help fund the treatment of about 20 Australians suffering from 60% burns and also sponsor recovery retreats for 1800 burns victims and their families. $185, 000 to Bestchance and Habitat for Humanity each, could help thousands of individuals with social, emotional or learning disabilities and provide financial and housing assistance to victims of natural disasters, respectively.

As citizens of a country, we’re all rightfully taxpayers. Having said that, isn’t it also rightful then, that all the megalomania amounts of money generated, be spent for some ethically higher purpose, something that eases our conscience, as opposed to just chasing after fame, glory and honour?

Australian Olympics

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