The Sports Archives – 5 Great Motocross Circuits In The UK!

The sport of Motocross is surprisingly over 100 years old. It was a sport enjoyed by owners of early auto-cycles, which also became known as scrambling. It would involve a ‘scramble’ across country to give these motorized bone shakers a decent run in the great outdoors.


Now Motocross is immensely popular in the UK with several Motocross circuits all over the country. Here are five established British Motocross courses that are great fun to try out.

Hawkstone Park

Above Shrewsbury in the Midlands, Hawkstone Park is one of the most famous Motocross parks in the UK. Since the 1950s, Hawkstone hosts several international and British competitions, although its origins were very humble. Back in 1938 the site was a low-key hill climb for the Crewe and Nantwich Light Car Club. The competition winner was the driver who made it the highest up the hill. Since then, the course has seen thousands of spectators and hundreds of riders.

Churchill MX

Offering excellent practice circuits, Churchill MX course can be found near East Grinstead in Sussex. There’s a wide variety of features, with new jumps added from time to time. The course is great for lighter trail bikes and EVO bicycles.

Leisure Lakes

Lancashire’s Leisure Lakes offers a lot of variety as a location, which serves a lot of different interests. Not only does Leisure Lakes have a Motocross course, but also has facilities for quad biking, paintball, woodland laser tag, watersports and facilities for less energetic past times. It;s an ideal destination for a mix of interests for the whole family.


While the course is situated near greenery, Worcestershire’s Wildmoor MX is not exactly lush with natural beauty. This practice track is made up of many different up and down hill features, with table tops, step ups and more to make life interesting. Be warned, it’s set on a working sand-quarry, so conditions on the track can be very changeable very quickly.

Moto Land UK

Based in Suffolk, Moto Land offers full training facilities and inductions, with good facilities for beginners. The site is popular with novices as well as more experienced competition riders, thanks to its variety of tunnel, step up and banked turns, jumps plenty more to keep even the seasoned enthusiasts entertained. This black sand course is incredibly well maintained, with rigorous safety standards and good facilities, such as a purpose-built power wash.


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