The Sports Archives – Top 10 Best Golf Courses in the World

Royal County Down Golf  Club in Newcastle, Northern Ireland

Royal County Down Golf Club in Newcastle, Northern Ireland

With approximately 32,000 golf courses worldwide how could we possibly pick 10 of the best? Well the unfortunate news is we don’t have time (or the money) to play all thirty-two thousand so we have had done some research of our own. Here is our run down of the top 10 golf courses in the world.

Cade Kidnappers, New Zealand

Situated on a cliff edge this is certainly a dramatic location for a course where a miss hit ball can take up to 10 seconds to reach the water. It doesn’t have any sandy dunes but certainly has the landscape and undulation to make it interesting.

Royal County Down, Northern Ireland

Keeping with the coastal theme this is widely regarded as one of the best in the world which lines the coast and is heavily bunkered, so make sure you can hit straight.

Pebble Beach, USA

This course differentiates itself by being open to anyone who will pay the green fee and Jack Nicklaus said this is where he would play his last ever round.

Leopard Creek, South Africa

If you fancy a safari and like moving hazards while you play golf then this is a course for you, with two 600 yard holes and fantastic weather; it’s a must.

Green Monkey, Barbados

Get to the ninth hole here and you play your game amongst the very unique backdrop and area of a quarry – that might pull you away from the beach for a few hours.

Turnberry, Scotland

Redesigned after it was flattened for use as an air field during World War II it has recently played venue to the Open championship and is well worth a round.

Domaine de Sperone, Corsica

This course gives you two environments in one. The first nine are played on a green course and the second nine played amongst rocks and ravines.

Canouan, The Grenadines

Played on an extinct Volcano this course is truly unique, and tricky. It’s a very green course but this contrasts nicely with its white sand and large cliffs.

Doonbeg, Ireland

Perhaps one of the youngest classic golf courses at 6 years old this course just flows over its landscape paralleling golden sandy beaches and requiring true precision on its table top greens.

Royal Melbourne, Australia

Finally we have Royal Melbourne, regarded as many as one of the best courses in the Southern Hemisphere. It has fast greens and awkwardly places bunkers to ensure you need to hit the most accurately weighted of shots.

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