The Sports Archives – Best Cycling Tracks in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the greatest cities in Australia for cycling lovers. There are many wonderful organizations that promote the benefits of bike riding to the Melbourne community, and their efforts have led to a steady increase in the number of bike tracks available for cyclists’ pleasure. Here is a guide to the best routes to explore on a bike in the city of Melbourne.

Capital City Trail

This is one of the most strenuous and delightful tracks in the whole city. Riders need to be quite fit to complete it, because it takes a half day to ride it at a brisk pace. The trail starts at the Princess Bridge and follows the Yarra River up to Dights Falls. This is a good spot to take a rest and enjoy watching the kayakers shoot the rapids.
Following Dights Falls, cyclists will take the Merri Creek Bike Trail along the creek. Riders exit the Merri Creek path at Rushall Station, and they then follow the bike path from the station that takes riders to Royal Park and Princes Park. This path joins up with a path that follows Moonee Ponds Creek. This will take riders back to the starting point along the Yarra River.

Yarra River Trail

Another splendid route runs along the Yarra River. This ride starts at the mouth of the river under the West Gate Bridge. The path goes through the city centre out to the suburbs, and then heads through Studley Park and Westerfolds Park.  Riders can then turn around and head back for West Gate Bridge.

A nice alternative is to start at Westerfolds Park and head inward to the West Gate Bridge. There is a free ferry that will take riders across the river. There is another bike track that they can take back on the far side of the river, and riders can get back to the original side of the Yarra by taking the Swan Street Bridge or MacRobertson Bridge.

Maribyrnong River Track

This fun ride is available on either bank of the river. It starts at Footscray and runs north to Dumbalk Park. There are plenty of parks and public restrooms available along this path. The views along the river are quite magnificent, and this makes it a very popular trail for both cyclists and foot traffic. Be sure to keep an eye out for pedestrians.

Gardiners Creek Trail

This is a beautiful track that begins at the junction of Gardiners Creek with the Yarra River. There is a magnificent suspension bridge at the beginning of the trail, and then it runs through endless green spaces that are a welcome respite from the hectic city. The path ends in the suburb of Glen Iris.

Bayside Bicycle Track

This path runs along the beach, offering spectacular water views throughout its length. It starts at Port Phillip Bay, and then goes though Port Melbourne on its way to Brighton. The path is very popular with rollerbladers, so be sure to watch out for them.

Steve is an avid cycling enthusiast and competitor. Since cycling is a way of life for Steve, he also works at one of the best bike shops Melbourne has to offer. You can often catch him on one of Melbourne’s many cycling tracks.

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