The Sports Archives – Unusual Sporting Superstitions!

Superstitions by definition are unusual. Who knows why we do them and where they originate, but they exist. I for one can’t see a magpie without asking him how his wife and kids are, which if you think about is ridiculous. I don’t even know if it’s a guy. There are few places where superstition is as prevalent as the world of professional sports. While some quirks are fairly well-known and not that kooky, think Tiger Woods always wearing red during round four, others are a little more out there.

Jason Giambi

He might be a big hitter, but he is prone to the odd dip in form, even when he was at his best. He had an unusual method for combating such problems. His solution was a golden thong. Can you imagine Jason in a pair of gold bikini bottoms? He would slip them on about his big old frame under his uniform and put himself firmly in slump breaking mode. Did they work? His teammates would apparently borrow them fairly regularly to sort out their own issues, so I would have to say yes.

Bjorn Borg

When it came to preparation for Wimbledon the super-swede would wear the same t-shirt and stop shaving. He did this every year to pretty good effect, winning the title five times on the bounce. The beard thing isn’t that unusual if truth be told with numerous sporty types opting not to shave through hot streaks or playoffs across all manner of sports.

Kevin Rhomberg

Baseball players it seems are massively superstitious and in the case of Rhomberg it was to his own detriment. If touched by someone he had to touch them back. And I mean had to. This led to difficulty in his short-lived baseball career. Members of opposing teams would touch him and then run away. This sent poor Kev into quite a flap. So much so that in a game between the Indians and Yankees proceedings had to be brought to a stop for the umpires to ask and insist that the Yankees’ players stop touching Kevin. One story stated that during training a teammate touched him with a ball then threw it out the ground. Kevin spent two hours finding it.

Sergio Goycochea

Serge was an Argentine goalkeeper in the world of football. In football goalkeepers are generally considered the more odd personalities in the dressing room and this fellow is certainly a contributing factor to that philosophy. During the build-up to a penalty kick Sergio would break the tension by breaking the seal on his bladder. Yup, in a stadium full of tens of thousands and on national TV he’d relieve himself on the field. It worked too, his record for keeping out spot kicks was considerably better than average, even saving four in one game.

These four unusual superstitions are literally the tip of a very large iceberg. We haven’t discussed UFC‘s Lyoto Machida‘s requirement to drink his own urine, Michael Jordan‘s wearing of his college shorts beneath his Chicago Bulls kit or Mark Fidrych‘s eccentricities around his relationships with baseballs. It’s a weird old world.

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