The Sports Archives – The Awesome Sport of Muay Thai

People all over the globe have been hearing about Muay Thai martial arts.  Millions watch fights at tournaments or on television, bearing witness to Muay Thai style action full of explosive punches, deadly and penetrating kicks, devastating elbows and shattering knees.  Television provides viewers with a remarkable coverage, but to truly appreciate the sport, nothing compares to being ringside amongst the legions of screaming fans.

Muay Thai Championship Boxing

Muay Thai Championship Boxing


The martial art of Muay Thai boxing stands alone with a wonderful history and tradition as a favourite sport of the Thai people.  This form of martial art has strong links to the history of its founding nation.  Thai people have a calm and gentle disposition but have had to rely on fighting skills to protect their nation and their families throughout history against thieves and enemies.

In this spirit of defending their homeland, the people of Thailand developed combat skills that were suited to close quarter attacks needed in the rugged landscape they battled in.  This led to the young males receiving instruction in the martial art as a rite of passage into adulthood.

Global Interest

People from all around the world have taken an interest in Muay Thai and it is now a truly international fighting style.  Russia and the United States have established training schools staffed by professional instructors to provide instruction for new students of the sport.

As a result of Muay Thai’s global appeal, tournaments and fights received international television coverage every week to satisfy the sport’s growing fan base.  International Boxing has become equally successful in gaining worldwide television ratings.  The majority of International Boxing champions have started their fighting careers in Muay Thai, adding to the style’s appeal to people entering the world of martial arts.


There are traditionally five rounds in a Muay Thai contest, with each round lasting three minutes.  A two-minute rest is allowed between each round.  Fighters show respect to their trainers before each contest by performing a ceremonial dance.  This tradition serves as a warm up exercise for the fighter and has significant links to the Muay Thai ideals.

Whist training and competing, Muay Thai fighters will wear headbands and armbands as a good luck talisman.  The bands that they wear on their bodies have usually received a spiritual blessing from either the fighter’s teacher or a religious monk.  Practising Muay Thai is a source of great pride for these fighters and the blessed arm and headbands provide further inspiration to succeed in this proud tradition.


Training in Muay Thai encompasses both the physical and spiritual well-being of the sport’s participants.  Training also involves learning about the history of the art and the skills needed to fight.  Muay Thai bouts are extremely demanding on the fighter which means that a lot of training is involved.  Training provides no respite from the physical demands of the sport and can be vicious in some schools.  Training in Muay Thai is guaranteed to be rigorous and challenging.


Muay Thai is a very demanding and taxing sport to be involved with as a competitor.  The reward for all the hard work is that you can develop the best skills in the martial art world.

Laura Ginn is a writer and editor for Extreme Sports X, an extreme sports magazine that is updated daily with the latest news, reviews and feature-length extreme sports articles.

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