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The Lamborghini MIURA.  If ever a famed Lamborghini luxury super sports car could be called or referred to as “subdued” then the Lamborghini MIURA might of well have that mark of distinction.   Overall Italian sports-car styling of the early 1970’s automobile industry era  was not noted for its restraint, yet the MIURA was relatively understated, certainly by comparison to some of the more outlandish and some say even grotesque Countach variants.

The gearbox was under and behind the engine, and the differential was directly driven from the gearbox.  This meant the whole installation, located behind the driver’s shoulder could be hidden behind the flying buttresses that topped the “curvy” rear wing, and yet the proportions of the automobile remains both beautifully balanced and intact.  It also  meant that the noises and sound levels from the full galley of 12 air intakes , 4 cam chains, 24 proudly thrashing valves as well as the symphony emanating from the ends of the complicated labyrinth and tangle of exhaust pipes and piping were all unusually close to your ears.  This despite the provisions and planning for a full aluminum bulkhead and a glass window. No doubt about it – sitting or even nearby an authentic Lamborghini MIURA is not a quiet or ultimately serene place to be. Still not only it exciting and even admirable if you did not appreciate this type of automotive raw power and luxury premium super sports cars – what would you doing in this nook of the woods or nearby such a monstrosity anyways?  Nor would you ever own or be driving such a vehicle to put it simply.

With an undisputed bhp ( boiler horse power) figure of a remarkable 385 in “Super Veloce” form and ideal weight distribution matched by exceptionally well laid and thought out body suspension design, this relatively small car – the Miura extremely fast and rapid cross-country travels , velocity and progress.

Lastly it can be said laughingly that this was neither creature comfort nor “family car”.  Luggage capacity was virtually non-existent and even laughable, the pop up headlights and headlamps were not much use at high speeds. (It was best not to try to race at high speeds at night – that was of course unless you had already outrun the local police at their speed trap).  Yet Ferruccui Lamborghini shrugged his shoulders and would suggest that evenings and night times could be more enjoyably spent than in the confines of a sports motor car.

Robert B. Horseman

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Lamborghini MIURA

Lamborghini MIURA

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