The Sports Archives – 3 Home Games You Should Try

Whether you are hoping to get bonding with your child, or just take up a new pastime for the year, looking into home games and sports is always a great way to go. People often forget just how wide and varied the term ‘sports’ really is, and as long as you are just looking for anything enjoyable that you can get into which has a competitive element, you should find that there are plenty of options for that available to you. In this article, we are going to take a look at a few home sports which you might want to try, especially if you have never touched them before. They are each a lot of fun, and you might even get something useful out of them too. Who knows – it could prove to be your next main pastime, and might be a great way to get closer to your son.

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RC Car Racing

This is something that most of us have tried at some point in our lives, even if that was many years ago. But it is often the kind of pastime that people forget until they are much older, only to be rediscovered with a new kind of passion and focus. It’s radio controlled car racing, and it’s something that you can do at home very easily and with little equipment. Getting the actual basics is pretty simple, straightforward and cost-effective, as most of all you just need the cars which you can get from many places fairly cheap. If you are looking into this, you might want to take a look at the likes of to ensure that you are going to get the best gear possible, not just in terms of cost but also quality. Then it’s just a case of finding someone to race with and getting racing – which you can do pretty much anywhere.


It is a simple thing to install a dartboard in your home and treat yourself to a nice set of darts, and yet with this you can hope to provide yourself with hours upon hours of entertainment. The game of darts is of course traditionally played in pubs and bars, but should you want to play it at home it is easy to do so. The main thing you will need to be aware of is the safety element, of course, but as long as you place the board somewhere sensible you should find that this is easy enough to be sure of. What’s more, playing darts is the kind of pastime which tends to act as a calming and somewhat therapeutic exercise, so it’s well worth thinking about for that reason too.

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Not all homes will have the space for this, but if you do have room for a pool table, it has to be one of the most enjoyable and addictive home games you can play. You can even play by yourself as a form of practice, but it is of course best with a few friends coming round to yours to play. All in all, it’s a hugely rewarding and satisfying game which you should consider taking up if you haven’t already. See for more on this.

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