The Sports Archives – Talking Points from This Year’s Wimbledon

Wimbledon has been and gone for another year. Roger Federer made history by winning Wimbledon for the eighth time, without losing a single set in the process. Spain’s Garbiñe Muguruza picked up her first Wimbledon title, after a nail biting first set, she made light work of Venus Williams in the second set, winning it 6-0. But, what other talking points can we take from the two-week event?

Centre Court has a new darling

The British public found themselves cheering on an unexpected treasure. While everyone expected Andy Murray to give fans the most excitement, it was Johanna Konta who ended up being the number one hope. British fans have been crying out for a star female tennis player for many years, and there may finally be someone who is ready to fit the bill.

We are still waiting for the next gen to make a statement

There is some really exciting talent in tennis at the moment, such as Nick Kyrgios, Dominic Thiem, and Alexander Zverev. However, it seems they have a long way to go before bridging the gap between the young talent and the big four.

We are rewinding the clock

It feels like we have gone back to the future. Of course, Federer’s record eighth win was incredible at the age of 35-years-old. But, what about the amazing Venus Williams? She made the women’s final and played some of the best tennis she has ever played at the age of 37. And, it is even more impressive when you consider the fact that she has had an autoimmune disease to contend with.

Wimbledon always brings the drama

Gilles Muller v Rafael Nadal has to be one of the most dramatic tennis matches we have watched in a long time. Muller won the match by winning the final set 15-13. After four hours and 48 minutes, it felt like both players should have progressed to the next stage.

Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic need to take a leap out of Federer’s book

Both Djokovic and Murray missed out on the semi-finals due to injury. While Novak retired during the match, Andy made it to through to the end, albeit he was defeated. It was clear that Britain’s number one hope was struggling with his hip. It could be time for both players to have a rest. After all, it worked wonders for Roger Federer.

Tennis is thriving at the moment

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that tennis is well and truly thriving at the moment. Wimbledon may have been missing Serena Williams, and there may have been too many injuries, but there were still some incredible matches and moments. If you missed out on Wimbledon, don’t miss out on tennis action over the coming year. Tickets for the Aus Open are available, and the good news is that this is when Serena is targeting her return, so you should be able to see all of the top tennis stars.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed reliving the fun and thrills of Wimbledon. From nail-biting chess matches to the simply stunning, it had everything. We can’t wait for the next one!

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