The Sports Archives – Wayne Rooney gets thumbs up After a 4-0 Win Against Club Brugge!

Louis Van Gaal Manchester United’s Manager recently praised team captain Wayne Rooney’s attitude after the English striker successfully netted in a superb hat-trick at the Champion’s League game against Club Brugge. The English team won 4-0 against Club Brugge!

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney, who also serves as England’s national team striker, had a spree of ten games without netting any goals. Last Wednesday however. Wayne Rooney proved his worth to the Old Trafford team helping his club attain a seven to one aggregate score in the play-off of Europe’s Champions’ League.

Team manager Louis Van Gaal is confident that he as the manager has played a critical role in helping keep Rooney’s confidence up! As he went on a dry spell for too long for a striker and a captain. In a post-match interview, Louis Van Gaal told reporters that he has always given Rooney the confidence a player requires.

However, Van Gaal added that he believes Wayne Rooney to harbor a high mentality and with his level of playing, he always has a comeback that he proved after scoring a hat-trick.

Punters engaging on free bet forums, back the manager when he insisted that Rooney still has a long way to navigate, and the club as well, and the road ahead wasn’t easy. However, all indications show that both the player and the Red Devil’s team as a whole is fighting its way to the top!

The Manager’s Team of Choice

As the head of the Manchester United Club, Louis Van Gaal gave Ander Herrera his first start of the season by playing in Bruges. The Spaniard player lived up to his name, and he did a splendid job not letting down his manager and team at large.

Herrera guided Captain Rooney on his 3rd goal and went ahead to net in the 4th goal for the Red Devils. Ander’s shot was a calm finish that he delivered after receiving an excellent throw in from Bastian Schweinsteiger.

By the time Manchester United were playing Club Brugge on their home turf, punters betting on free bets had given up hope on a Wayne Rooney come back. After the match, manager Van Gaal was reluctant in praising the Spaniard Ander Herrera how.

Analysts following the game, however, fault Van Gaal as they suggest that the former Athletic Bilbao player adequately filled the no.10 position after Adnan Januzaj came off the pitch during half-time.

Louis Van Gaal’s Position on Other Players

After watching Javier Hernandez spur a chance of netting in a shot from the penalty spot later in the game, Van Gaal reviewed Javier’s play as a terrible start.

In his words manager, Van Gaal stated that the Spaniard (Ander Herrera) suffered a lot of ball losses and was served with a yellow card. At that instant, Van Gaal was thinking of changing the player but decided against that move after the player gave a comeback.

Van Gaal continued to suggest that after the comeback, the Spaniard played an excellent match at the double-six position and after filling the no. Ten position, he played better! Van Gaal was seen smiling and nodding in recognition of the Spaniard’s player’s great game!


Wayne Rooney failed to perform tremendously on Sunday 30th August after Manchester United lost to Swansea 2-1 during the Super Sunday match. The small team beat one of the Giants, and Van Gaal is not too happy with the outcome of the game!

This article was written by sports writer Tony Samboras who has been a fan of Man United since he was 12. Being a big fan of soccer and in particular Man United Tony is always keen on writing about his favorite team. He currently writes full-time about free online sports bets.

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