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freestyle scooteringWith the rise in popularity of scooters, a new extreme sport was born: freestyle scootering. This sport uses a kick scooter to perform similar freestyle tricks as skateboarders, surfers, snowboarders, and BMX bikes. As freestyle scootering caught on, manufacturers created scooters made specifically for the sport. Competitions soon followed, and now there are several events in which freestyle scooter enthusiast can compete. Many local skate parks and scooter clubs offer competitions for local scooter riders. Along with local events, there are several national and international events, including a world championship. Following is a list of the upcoming freestyle scooter competitions.

U.S. National Championship

On July 12, the U.S. National Championship finals will take place at the Escondido Sports Center in Escondido, California. In this competition, the top 50 US pro riders will be competing for a place in the ISA World Championships. It is the final event from the series of pro events that have taken place throughout the year at various locations throughout the country. The winner of this event will go to the world championships to compete for the title. The event will also include other activities for non-pro scooter riders.

Russian Scooter Championship

On the weekend of July 26, the Moscow Scooter Competition will take place. This competition has been selected as an ISA International Wild Card. What this designation means is that any international pro rider who wins this competition will have a place in the ISA World Championship. The same weekend will also be the National Championship for Russia, and that winner will also have a place in the ISA World Championship. This event takes place at the Luzhnetskaya Olympic complex in Moscow.

Scootfest 2014

Scootfest 2014 will take place in August on two consecutive weekends. Scootfest North will take place on the 9th and 10th of August at Rampworx in Liverpool. It will hold the UK Championships, as well as allowing open riders to compete. The Scootfest North competition is also a wild card for the ISA World Championship, so any international professional rider who wins can go try for the world championship.

Scootfest South will take place on the 16 and 17th of August at Rush in Stroud. The feature event will be the ISA World Championships. There will be 50 of the world’s best riders competing to see who will be the world champion. There will also be activities for other riders, as well as a Scooter Trade Village, music, a parent’s lounge, and offsite camping. Scootfest is an annual event that has become a tradition among those who compete in freestyle scootering.

Scooter Con

Scooter Con in San Diego is one of the largest events in the freestyle scooter industry and the longest running consecutive event. It draws in many of the top professional riders in the industry who compete for the prestigious title of SD champ. The next event takes place in January 2015, but in the summer there is a smaller event.

There are many freestyle scooter events around, and the number continues to grow as the sport becomes more and more popular. Every year there are national and international competitions where professionals compete to see who will be the national and international champion among the professional scooter riders. However, for non-professional riders, it is easy to find competitions in the local area. They will be posted on the websites of the different skate parks and other areas where freestyle scootering takes place. If you cannot find one near you, you can always start one. You might one day work your way to the ISA world championships.

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