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Increasing your enjoyment of the Winter and Summer Olympics is often as simple as familiarizing yourself with the rules of the events that are taking place. While many people enjoy the pure athletic finesse and competition that exists in the games, knowing the details that govern the games can make each event more exciting than ever. The Luge is a vastly popular event that is only second to the Bobsleigh. During the Luge, athletes take their positions with their feet forward and their heads up. They flex their calves and exert pressure with their shoulders from one side to the other in order to steer. This event can be extremely dangerous due to the fact that there is little protection as they zoom down the track. The record speed for the event is 95.6 miles per hour. The Bobsleigh uses a track that has three specific turns, and the crew can use two to four athletes. There is a weight limit of 1,388 pounds, and they have only 50 meters to get a running start before engaging in the sled.

When things heat up, the Summer events offer the Steeplechase. This event extends to 3,000 meters, challenging each athlete with immovable obstacles along the way. Each circuit contains 4 obstacles and 1 water barrier. For the men, the obstacles are 34 inches high and the women face 30-inch obstacles. There are seven circuits in each race, the fastest time wins, and each competitor can clear the obstacle using any means necessary.

Another unusual yet highly entertaining event that takes place during the summer games is Trampolining. During this competition, the athletes perform 10 different poses on the hardware that must begin and end with the feet. The moves are ranked on a scale of ten with the judges paying close attention to moves that are incomplete, movements that take them too far from the center of the trampoline, and the degree of difficulty associated with the move. The trampoline itself measure 14×7′. The moves are governed by three basic shapes that revolve around tucks, pikes, and straddles. With a better grasp on the events taking place, you can gather the snacks, and let the games begin.

Source: Sports Management Degrees Guide

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