The Sports Archives – Teen Wimbledon Champions as Role Models!

The tournament that popularized lawn tennis around the world is back and once again it will feature some of the most prominent athletes on the planet. Parents looking to motivate their teens to work hard and never give up no matter how tough the situation can take this as an opportunity to sit with their teens to watch a little grass court action and introduce them to world-class athletes that can serve as role models. Wimbledon, over the course of its long and illustrious history, has featured the likes of Charlotte Dod, Dennis Ralston, Boris Becker and more recently Martina Hingis and current singles champion Serena Williams who won the tournament when they were still teenagers. Winning a tournament at the highest level during a very volatile age takes a huge amount of courage, patience and hard work which these phenomenal athletes have in ample measure. Introducing your teens to such personalities will help shape their general outlook on life as well as inspire them to be bigger and better.

Wimbledon Tennis Champions infographic is developed by CareTeen.

Wimbledon Tennis Infographic

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  1. chalz leon says:

    wish you can support tennis n badminton in kenya. The children here have great passion for the sport but lack the basic playing equipments .

    For any person who can support the kenyan children with passion 4 tennis you can send an email at

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