The Sports Archives – 5 of the Coolest MotoGP Racing Circuits

MotoGP is one of the most enjoyed and cherished sports around the world. The fan base of MotoGP has increased in size and magnitude. More and more people are getting involved in it in one or the other form.

Everyone would like to become a part of this great sport. In the past ten years, MotoGP has gained tremendous popularity in countries where once it was a barely known sporting activity. As compared to the fewer countries and racing circuits where these events were organized, present time has seen a great change in the number of countries getting involved in these events. Being around a racing track is an entirely different experience and one can feel the energy of these high-speed cars running through his body. In this article, some of the most enjoyed and historic racing circuits are discussed in detail.

1. Losail Circuit in Qatar

Losail circuit came into existence in the year 2003, and organized its first international event in the year 2005. It’s among the longest circuits in the world with more than 1 km long main straight. The overall length of the circuit is 5.380 km and its featureless landscape makes it really challenging and difficult track to get onto. The driver has to use all of his skills and capabilities to complete a smooth run over this track full of desert sand. Losail circuit is located in a desert outside Qatar’s capital, Doha. It is nearly 30 km away from the Doha International Airport and with the hospitality of the city; it’s one of the best racing place on Earth.

2. Le Mans Circuit in France

Le Mans is one of the most prestigious circuits in the world and is has hosted racing events since its inception in 1966. It is hosting motorcycle grand prix over the Bugatti circuit since 2000. The overall length of the circuit is 4.18 km and follow straight start-finish concept as most of the other racing circuits in the world. This circuit forms an important part of the world known De La Sarthe circuit which hosts 24-Heures du Mans.

The circuit is locate 200 km in south-west direction from Paris and has proper connectivity via car and train. Le Mans even has its own airport for serving the needs of the fans and players.

3. Jerez Circuit in Spain

This circuit is known for its sharp turns and twisting edges throughout the circuit. Jerez circuit has hosted motorcycle grand prix race right from 1987 and it even hosted Formula 1 races during 1990s. The 4.428 km track is best suits hard suspension set ups and makes the race really thrilling. This circuit has hosted 25 GP events till date and it has been upgraded in 2002 itself.

It is located at a distance of 5 km from the local airport and is thoroughly connected via different transport modes. There are frequent train services for Madrid and Barcelona which makes it easily accessible.

4. Silverstone Circuit in UK

Silverstone is located right in the heart of UK and it is situated around 90 minutes North of London. It is easily accessible via road and has plenty of transport services. The circuit has a track length of 5.902 km with 18 corners throughout the circuit. It is going to organize British Grand Prix 2012 in the upcoming month of June.

Silverstone has a long history of hosting Motorsports events for last 60 years. It offers some of the most exhilarating driving experiences to its visitors.

5. TT Assen Circuit in Netherlands

Assen holds a great part of Motorsports history and it has hosted some of the most enjoyed Motorsports events since 1925. This circuit is often called as “The Cathedral” and its modern circuit was laid in 1955 with a total length of 4.542 km. It is roughly 200 km from the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and has its own railway facility.

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