The Sports Archives – 2012’s Financial Football Flops

Andy Carroll and Fernando Torres have taken the heat for the 2010/11 class of Premier League transfer flops but now it’s around that time to take a step back, laugh, cry and pull our hair out with frustration as we question just why the HELL our favorite clubs have wasted millions of pounds on players who can’t hit the back of the net, or can’t stop others from doing so. Yup, it’s 5 of the worst 2011/12 transfers so far:

David De Gea

David de Gea

Is David de Gea too expensive?


As nice as the guy is, right now he looks like a 21-year-old Spanish waiter, and the kind who will probably shake nervously whilst pouring your wine. Edwin Van Der Sar’s boots are some pretty big ones to fill and right now, and David De Gea does not have the physical frame or seemingly the imposing aura that great keeper’s such as van der Sar or Peter Schmeichel had. He flaps at crosses; apparently has bad eyesight and cost a hefty 22 million pounds. It’s reported he’ll be having corrective eye surgery in the summer, so maybe we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and check back to see his performance next season.

Jordan Henderson

In summer 2011, Jordan Henderson signed for Liverpool for around £20 million, quite a lot considering he had only played 71 times for Sunderland and really only had a spell of three or four months in that time where he was fantastic. He’s played 24 times for Liverpool this season but has failed to show the form that got him signed in the first place. Seems a little lost in a Liverpool team which has a lot of midfield talent. Could end up as another Stephen Ireland.

Park Chu-Young

Park Chu-Who? Right. He’s actually the captain of the South Korean national team but has made only one league appearance for Arsenal so far this season and to make matters worse, he fell even further down the pecking order when King Thierry Henry arrived back on the scene. Worse yet, he could be forced to quit Arsenal in 2013 as he has to serve his country in the military. He may have only cost £3.4 million, but that’s a lot for someone who has only played two games in total so far and might have to jet off next year.

David N’Gog

David N’Gog is like Ryan Babel, but with less skill and maybe a little less potential. However he is equally frustrating. I’m a Liverpool fan myself and I genuinely wished him well in his move to Bolton. He needed to be playing week in week out to build his confidence. He showed flashes of promise and tremendous speed and agility during his time at Anfield. But that’s where it stops. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, N’Gog can’t score for toffee. He’s managed an overwhelmingly disappointing 2 goals in 21 appearances, making Kevin Davies even more of a Bolton legend in the process.

Samir Nasri

There’s something annoying about Samir Nasri. He’s a good player, there’s no doubt, but he has a quality that makes him hard to like. Similar to Adebayor or Arjen Robben. Stacks of talent but a personality that only their mothers can love. He’s scored only three goals in 17 appearances but more to the point, he’s been overshadowed by the classy David Silva and powerhouse Yaya Toure. He cost £25 million in August 2011, but is one of the more likely to move on this summer, with Man City reportedly willing to take a £10 million loss.

Scott is a writer who specializes in UK credit card comparisons, and who has calculated that he would need roughly 14,666 credit cards with a limit of £1500.00 to cover David De Gea’s transfer fee.

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  1. James says:

    I agree with this story.
    I support David de Gea.
    I’m an Man Utd fan,I love David de Gea
    Thank you for information sharing

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