The Sports Archives – 10 Reasons the NBA is better than College Basketball

10 Reasons the NBA is better than College Basketball

Among basketball lovers, there is a divide. Some like the NBA and some favor college hoops. So which one is better? The NBA is better and here are ten reasons why that is true.

1) A longer season

Playing 30 or 35 games is all well and good, but NBA teams get twice that to prove their place in the league. If you are a fan of a team, you don’t have to settle for two games per week. You get to watch your team go at it three or four times per week at minimum.

2) Getting an early start

Though the lockout shortened season is an obvious exception, it is worth noting that NBA teams get a decidedly early start on their college basketball brethren. The season starts earlier, so you don’t have to wait until the colder months to enjoy basketball. Likewise, early season NBA games are meaningful for playoff positioning, whereas early season college games don’t mean much.

3) Enter Kobe and the King

Think quick to the NBA and you’ll remember quite a few guys who saw no need for college basketball at all. Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are two of those. Though college basketball and NBA rules require a player to be a year out of high school before entering the draft in this day and age, you will still find many examples of guys who never gave the college game a chance before jumping ship to the NBA. Many are using Europe as a springboard to an NBA career.

4) Talent is important

The NBA has significantly better talent than college hoops. You’ll see better shooters, higher leapers, and better ball handling. If you are looking for the best possible product, then the NBA is where it’s at.

5) The most explosive dunks

The NBA is known for a lot of things. One of those things is explosive dunking. Guys like Blake Griffin rattle the rim in the NBA. In college basketball, a truly impressive dunk is something that you don’t often see. If you like excitement, then the dunking in the NBA will almost certainly appeal to you.

6) Missing out on Wisconsin

Have you ever watched Wisconsin or most of the teams in the Big Ten? The basketball is brutal and it’s hard to watch. In the NBA, they will score more points in a half then you will see in a slow-paced Wisconsin game. We don’t mean to pick on the Badgers, but they have become the face of slow basketball over the last decade.

7) True playoffs

March Madness is fun and all, but the best teams rarely win. It is a craps shoot where anybody can get hot and take home a title. The NBA is better because it crowns a true champion. To win in the NBA, you have to get through four grueling rounds. It is rare to see an unlikely champion.

8) Better arenas

Let’s face the facts. The average college basketball arena is old, it’s small, and it doesn’t have a lot going on. NBA arenas are new and they’re great. You can have a really good time at the games because of the quality of venue.

9) Personality is the play

The NBA is a league where players are allowed to express themselves. Dennis Rodman is long gone, but his spirit lives on in the NBA. Guys can craft unique personas and it makes following the league a lot more fun.

10) We like certainty

It must not be fun following Kentucky when you know that your players are going to all be gone in a year. In the NBA, you know that the guys are under contract and that they’ll be there for more than just a cup of coffee. This makes the NBA a much better league for fans to follow.

Rich Spaulding is President of Gold Star Games and avid sports fan.

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