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The Rolex watch is the thorough-bred, the Triple Crown, the Secretariat of equestrian riding.  As far back as 1957, Rolex has played a major role in Equestrian sports.  An inevitable combination, it was only a matter of time for the two worlds to come together as the precision and elegance of the world’s top riders and the most beautiful, talented horses is reflected by the flawless timing, precision and accuracy of Rolex watches.

Read on to learn more about two of the most prestigious Equestrian events that are sponsored by Rolex.

World Equestrian Games – Known as the Olympic Games of the Equine sports world, this 15 day tournament is held every four years (two years prior to the Olympic Games).  In the same manner as the Olympics, the WEG location rotates throughout different parts of the world as competitors around the world compete in these games as individuals and teams.  This prestigious event includes eight different disciplines that range from jumping to dressage to endurance riding to paraequestrianism.  The next World Equestrian Games will take place in the year 2014 in Normandy, France.

Rolex FEI World Cup Final – This is one of the most popular Equestrian events in the world.  A series of leagues and competitions leads to this final event of the year where the season’s premier rider is chosen.  During the five-day experience, the very best horse and rider pairs perform in various physically challenging events including jumping, dressage and driving.

Known for their superior precision in a quest to perform as exceptional levels, Rolex is also a proud sponsor of:

  • Yachting – Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, Rolex Farr® 40 World Championship, Rolex Fastnet Race, Rolex Swan Cup, Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Rolex additionally offers awards that support individuals who are actively contributing to the advancement of mankind.  Established in 1976, this international philanthropy program offers Rolex Awards which recognizes projects that not only demonstrate innovation, but also contribute to make the world a better place. Over 3,500 individuals have proposed projects this year alone, representing the highest number of projects that have been submitted since its launch.

Regardless of what aspect or sport you are comparing to Rolex, it is no doubt that this is one Secretariat of a brand.

Alex is a marketing consultant for companies dealing with the Rolex watch. She also loves horses and following the latest fashion trends.

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