The Sports Archives – Kentucky’s 130 Home Game Winning Streak

One of the longest home game winning streaks in sports archives history belongs to the Kentucky Wildcat men’s basketball team.  After they lost on January 2, 1943 at home; they were not to lose another home game until January 8, 1955; an amazing string of 130 consecutive home victories.  Take a minute to think about that.  Three generations University of Kentucky students could go to a home game and rest assured that their team will come out on top!  Of course, new Wildcat recruits must have felt the pressure to keep that streak alive.

The streak fell within the coaching years of mighty Adolph Rupp.  Rupp compiled a record of 876 wins and 190 losses with a winning percentage of 82.2.  He probably would have upped those numbers if he wasn’t forced into retirement at age 70!  His coaching career with Kentucky spanned 42 years and included 4 NCAA championships and 1 NIT title.

Kentucky ranks number 1 and 2 in many NCAA men’s basketball statistics (view statistics here).  At present, they have won more NCAA basketball games (2023) than any other college and have the greatest winning percentage.   No matter what number they are seeded; they are always a favorite.

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